1. H

    Game Capture black screen in between scene switch

    Hello! I wanted to add some basic scenes to my obs today (starting soon, back soon, ending soon) and after adding these scenes I'm now encountering the problem of my game capture not working anymore. 1) Whenever I choose a scene besides the game capture, and then I click the game capture...
  2. R

    Black Screen when using custom audio/ or no audio

    I'm using a PiBox Video capture Card to capture my ps4 display. My goal is basically to be able to play my ps4 on my laptop screen. It was working fine till now, I was using custom audio output as WaveOut , and custom audio device as my bluetooth headphones connected to my laptop. It worked...
  3. G

    Black Screen with PS3 and BlackMagic Intensity Pro 4K

    Hello, I’m trying to hookup my old PS3 to my BlackMagic Intensity Pro 4K using HDMI but it only showing a black screen or a green screen with vertical lines. Initially, I hook the PS3 to a HDMI switch, seeing it wasn’t working, I plugged the PS3 directly to the BM card using the HDMI input...
  4. F

    My OBS has a black screen every time I select game capture.

    So recently, my OBS has started having a black screen. I did not know why because it has never happened to me before and my OBS has been working for a long time. I've tried so many videos and asked ChatGPT what I can do to solve my problems. My window capture and display capture work fine; I...
  5. B

    Not able to record what I once was able to using Game Capture

    I have been using OBS for a couple years now and have never had black screen issues but recently (this month) I have been issues with it. I haven't been able to record most games and is giving me the constant error of 03:50:35.809: [game-capture: 'robloxg'] attempting to hook process...
  6. I

    I think I've tried almost everything, still a black screen.

    I am not on a laptop, I am running windows version 22H2. OBS version 28.0.3, although that seems to not matter. I updated OBS yesterday and now im just getting black screens trying to do game captures. Display capture still works perfectly fine but lags out the recording. I've restarted my...
  7. S

    Sims 4 Blackscreen wit Mousecursor

    only the mouse is transferred in sims, other games are transferred normally. So I know it's just the sims, but I don't know how to fix it
  8. K

    Blackscreen Game Capture

    OBS seems to be having troubles again after I seemingly solved my original blackscreen issue. After some struggle, what solved my issue before was just updating it. But now, I am still running the latest version, and nothing but a black screen shows for my gameplay. Or even sometimes, just a...
  9. B

    Sometimes recording is working, sometimes its just a black screen.

    Hi, Just created an account here cause i cant find a solution after trying everything possible online. So my Obs recordings work most of the time, but sometimes its just a black screen. Audio is working, preview is working but its not recording any video except for a black screen. I tried...
  10. U

    Just got a new graphics card and now black screen of death.

    I've tried every simple fix, every youtube video about it and I just can't get the black screen to go away. Any ideas?
  11. Bluegix

    OBS game capture (window) is not showing preview and not recording too

    I am new to OBS. I am trying to record the Steam game Splinter Cell Blacklist using Game capture --> Capture specific window source. I have tried running OBS as administrator, still it is not working. Please help. Here is the log file. Attaching the...
  12. M

    Screenshot black screen tested everything that appears online

    trying everything that appears online, change compatibility window 8, 7 that uses the integrated. nothing works I come as a last resort since I do not know how to capture the game. any suggestions or help is appreciated desktop pc
  13. L

    OBS and GPU crash after change of scene

    Hey guys, first of all sorry for my english, i tried my best :) The Problem: I started streaming 2 Weeks ago and i can start my stream with zero problems. I can change the scene and play like hours in a game without any problems. But as soon i close the game esspecially League of Legends in...
  14. B

    No Matter What Settings I Change, In Game League Doesn't Show Up On Game Capture

    so i'm getting the all too common black screen issue when trying to stream league. i know you need game capture for in game and windowed for the lobby, but no matter what settings i change game capture is always just black. i've tried changing from borderless, to fullscreen, to windowed but no...
  15. A

    Problem black screen with my aquisition card

    Hello, Sorry my English is not very good I am French and I use the translator. I have a big problem with obs and my elgato acquisition card or any other brand: I stream and play in double pc; I have a PREDATOR HELIOS 300 laptop which I use for streaming and a fixed PC which I use for gaming. And...
  16. T

    Black screen when capturing game launched with textmod(using steam)

    I have this game(Prototype) on steam, I changed the name of textmod.exe to prototype.exe so steam runs it. On the program, I can attach a skin, and then process to launch the game. Turns out I can't capture the game, I've tried game capture and the entire monitor capture, tried checking if the...
  17. J

    Display capture not working

    When I load up OBS my display capture doesn't work (it has a black screen) I have been using OBS for a few months now and it has not been working, can anyone help? (My log file-
  18. I

    Display Capture Black Screen

    I am still experiencing the issue of display capture not working and only showing a black screen. I am on a laptop so I understand that causes more issues. I have followed all the relevant troubleshooting methods multiple times and it still won't work. Is there anything else I can do or will I...
  19. R

    Obs encoding error

    Sometimes my OBS(Streamelements) gets an encoding error while streaming. PC still works, audio works fine, but my screen freezes and after some seconds and a short blackscreen everything just works fine, besides that i have to restart obs and the stream Log in the attachments ( i have no crash...
  20. ladro_xd

    Game Capture Black Screen

    I've been trying so hard to fix this problem of getting a black screen if I chose as a source the Game Capture. Tried different settings / also I did run obs 64 as admin and set compatibility to win7 and win8 but still the same problem also made my Graphics settings for obs64 to high and still...