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    Question / Help Black Screen when i try to stream games

    Hey guys i have this Problem when i try to stream games OBS doesnt Show them ITS simply blackscreen. this is my log. and it doesnt matter if game is windowed or Fullscreen it always happens any other Infos needed ? i dont know if i did sth wrong i can check...
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    Question / Help Black background when streaming

    I am currently involved in an online performance in which we are streaming a performance from OBS to a website called Upstage (which I’m aware no one here will know). Anyway, we want the stream to only take up a small amount of the screen on the upstage website- we can make the actual image of...
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    Question / Help Blackscreen

    I need help,because i have a blackscreen in obs i want to try to record a video but i got a blackscreen at every setting can someone help me ?
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    Question / Help My monitor capture stops working as soon as I start a program?

    Hi! When I stream with OBS studio I cant show my monitor after starting a game. For an example, if I play Fortnite and then shut it down and go to a scene where I only have my monitor capture and my cam it´s just black. If I use that scene in the beginning of a stream before starting any game...