Problems with Streamlabs since newest Windwos Update.


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I have some problems while trying to Capture my Display. If i select capture window it works but it cuts out a little bit of the window. Also if I open OBS i am able to do a screen recording. For some reasons Streamlabs is going crazy since I updated my Laptop.
I already tried everything and watched tons of youtube tutorials.
The things i already checked are:

-Uninstall and Reinstall Streamlabs
-Power Saving Mode Thing
-Updating my Graphics card
-Starting OBS with the Integrated Graphicscard
-Changing the 3D Settings

I would really like to upload my Logfile but i can't find it in streamlabs

So sorry for being such a noob

Greets and a HUGE THANK YOU <3


This forum only offers support for OBS Studio. I recommend posting your issue on Streamlabs OBS own official forums/channels.