No Matter What Settings I Change, In Game League Doesn't Show Up On Game Capture


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so i'm getting the all too common black screen issue when trying to stream league. i know you need game capture for in game and windowed for the lobby, but no matter what settings i change game capture is always just black. i've tried changing from borderless, to fullscreen, to windowed but no luck :p most that'll happen is it will show a frozen screen of my game once i load in on borderless, but when i redo the source it's black again and has a red square dot in the top left (which is still a black screen when i was able to enlarge it). I've ran obs as admin and that didn't work either. I've also tried capturing a specific window instead of any fullscreen application, no luck. idk what to do pls help me :(

i have a Radeon RX 580 GPU, and a Ryzen 3200G 3.60 GHz processor. (i know my processor is causing some possible bottleneck issues but streamlabs captured league just fine when i used it before)