Not able to record what I once was able to using Game Capture


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I have been using OBS for a couple years now and have never had black screen issues but recently (this month) I have been issues with it. I haven't been able to record most games and is giving me the constant error of
03:50:35.809: [game-capture: 'robloxg'] attempting to hook process: RobloxPlayerBeta.exe
03:50:35.815: [game-capture: 'robloxg'] using direct hook
03:44:23.334: [game-capture: 'robloxg'] attempting to hook process: steamwebhelper.exe
03:44:23.342: [game-capture: 'robloxg'] capture stopped
I know steam isn't a game but I used it as a test before as it was doing the same for an actual game as well but has recently switched to the first error after turning off anti cheat compatibility hook.
this is the logs that I used