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    Question / Help I would like to optimize my stream if possible. (R7 3700X, GTX 10603GB)

    Hello, I would like to get the most out of my components when streaming but still be able to get around 144fps ingame (I play R6, Overwatch and Apex Legends mostly). However, I ran into a couple of issues on the way and have been trying (and failing) to fix the problems. I thought that maybe...
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    Experimental zero-copy screen capture on Linux

    I was having performance issues when streaming livecoding heavy GLSL raymarching and pathtracing shaders, so instead of optimizing my shaders I read about libdrm, KMS, DMA-BUF and EGL. As a result, I made a very experimental zero-copy screen capture OBS plugin for Linux based on DMA-BUF fds and...
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    Question / Help Optimal Stream Settings for OBS 1pc Setup

    Hi guys, at first I am a native german speaker so please have that in mind :) At the moment I try to optimize my streaming quality due to an upgraded PC. I am using a single PC Setup: CPU -> Ryzen 7 1700 @ 3,9 GHz GPU -> MSI GTX 1080 RAM -> 16 GB 3200 MHz Corsair Monitor 24" @ 1920x1080 144 Hz...