Question / Help I would like to optimize my stream if possible. (R7 3700X, GTX 10603GB)


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Hello, I would like to get the most out of my components when streaming but still be able to get around 144fps ingame (I play R6, Overwatch and Apex Legends mostly). However, I ran into a couple of issues on the way and have been trying (and failing) to fix the problems. I thought that maybe people that actually know what they are doing may be able to help me :).

I did a small under 3 min test stream and the quality seems decent enough but I can notice some frame drops. Here is the clip:

Internet Speed:

Current Settings:

Also attached is the stream log:

Thank you in advance for any help.
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No output session in log. To get performance data you need to start an output session, observe your issue, close the output session, and then upload the current log without quitting OBS.