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Hello Everybody.
I'll start by listing my specs.

Motherboard:MSI Gaming Pro Carbon AC
CPU:Intel i9-9900ks
RAM:32 Gigs Corsair

Motherboard:MSI MPG X570 Gaming Plus
CPU:AMD 3950x
Ram:16 Gigs Corsair.
GPU:MSI 1650 Super

My OBS Settings are those.

obs recording settings.png
obs settings 1.png

As you can see i'm running a slow preset and it's totally fine my cpu usage is only at (3950x)40% and here comes my first question.
I can clearly see that my cpu usage is at 40%, but they are some cores which are running at 100%
Could i somehow balance it more so to put load on cores that don't have load?

Since the 4k capture utility from elgato is total dogshit probably the worse piece of software i used.
Once i starts it uses 100% of my hdd without even having started recording. Flashback recording off.
Today i tried to record with my obs while streaming and everytime i started the recording i was getting big stutters on the stream,
while i have a 1650 super in my rig only for that purpose.

Here is a short clip of a stutter. https://clips.twitch.tv/NimbleKathishBeefWholeWheat-LrPz7BdREwweyyBM

I'm recording on a Seagate Barracude 6tb

LogFile: https://obsproject.com/logs/GKxKr9dNC5j9ctQa


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8000 is cause i'm partnered and it's fine i don't have any issues with the bitrate.
and mp4 is my personal preferences.
The HDD is not a usb one.