20+ upload speed/900+ download 3500 bitrate still dropping frames and freezing


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I've been having this issue for awhile now and i can not for the life of me figure it out. Ive tried running obs studios recommended setting and i still drop frames and freeze. Ive dropped my bitrate from 6k down to 3k and my stream still look choppy. Ive talked to guys running the same graphics card as me and they are not having any issues and they are running at a 6k bitrate with less upload speed. Ive went ahead and made sure all my drivers where updated and even tried putting the load on my cpu instead of my gpu and i have the same issue. Ive recently got nominated as pubg streamer of the month by a page and i would like to have a good stream for my viewers. Any info would be greatly appreciated. I posted my obs log files and other helpful information below.


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Speedtest.net is useless for testing if your connection is suitable for streaming.
here you can find more information about how to speedtest for video streaming on facebook.

For twitch you can use this to test your connection

anyway i bet that your ISP sucks and you have packetloss or a instable connection, so you will have to call them.
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from the log data it looks like a connection (ISP) issue
from the speed test data it looks like a cable connection (known for this type of issue on structure overload from ISP)
the twitch tester from r1ch is default usefull for twitch but limited if the issue is related to the connection from the ISP to facebook

But a test with longtime run on the local related server can display a issue if there are below 100 quality if there lower then 100 it is 100+% true a ISP Issue