freeze frame

  1. Im_Al3x

    OBS keep crushing

    I'm trying to stream something on YouTube and Twitch (not at the same time) using OBS on my Windows 11 PC. The stream start and all seems ok, but about 5 minutes later of the starting of the stream OBS keep crush. It doesn't give me error, but on YT/Twitch gives me player error, and while...
  2. H

    Alerts freezing inconsistently

    Hello! The last few weeks I had a problem with my alerts in obs. I use Tipeeestream's Alert Box V2 widget and implement them through a browser source. My problem is, that the alerts freeze most of the time, but not always at the same time, sometimes they run smoothely without freezing at all...
  3. N

    Freeze screen of windows

    Hi i wanna make an game in roblox studio and if i lauched obs is was normal but if i wanna only to 1 windows the recorden show only 1 frame
  4. W

    FFmpeg makes it so the last 2 seconds of a clip freezes but the audio still plays.

    I've been trying to fix this for about 2 hours now but I can't find anything. I did some testing and found that FFmpeg was the problem because the clip is fine on Standard Output. The reason I want to use FFmpeg is I want to freely change the bitrate of my audio and video. Container format is...
  5. E

    Stream Freezes / Returns with the preview Window looking half-sized mid-stream

    So I get this error sometimes on OBS, I think it froze when my GPU reached around 75degs, but thing is, it was never like that before. So what happens is that the entire Windows will freeze for a moment, around seconds then it will resume but the preview window will look half-sized and it would...
  6. Gumpasia

    My OBS is lagging (it's freezing and unfreezing all the time)

    as the title says my OBS is lagging. it is smooth tho but about every 2 seconds it freezes for half an second and unfreezes. i don't know how to fix this so i am here. This problem occured when i installed Windows 11. before i got Windows 11 everything worked fine. i tried to reinstall OBS but...
  7. I

    Recording is freezing every time I i switch to the window i'm trying to record

    I just bought a new Pc and for whatever reason, OBS isn't working correctly anymore. When I start recording everything works fine, but as soon as I switch to the window i'm recording, my output freezes and I have to restart OBS Can someone please help?
  8. de4d

    Video Playback freezes after a while of streaming

    Hi Guys. So i have a 2PC Streaming setup using NDI technology. My streaming PC is running 2 instances of OBS in order for me to be able to set a dynamic delay of 30 seconds. My first OBS instance is for streaming and my 2nd instance is for recording. So through advanced scene switcher i can...
  9. J

    Stream is pixely and freeze frames but doesn't rly lag

    So im streaming on twitch at 1080p 60fps with Lanczos , im using x264 as if i use nvenc ts just super laggy, CBR at 6000 bitrate, 2 keyframe intervals and the faster preset the quality isnt too bad its smooth however every like 5 mins till just randomly freeze frame for secound or two everything...

    20+ upload speed/900+ download 3500 bitrate still dropping frames and freezing

    I've been having this issue for awhile now and i can not for the life of me figure it out. Ive tried running obs studios recommended setting and i still drop frames and freeze. Ive dropped my bitrate from 6k down to 3k and my stream still look choppy. Ive talked to guys running the same graphics...
  11. supremeniky

    Elgato HD60S+ Freeze Macbook Pro M1

    i bought the macbook pro with the m1 chip and the elgato hd60s+ they looked working fine but sometimes the elgato freeze on a frame and i have to unplug and plug it again to fix the problem... it’s quite frustrating because i’m a streamer and i’m not constantly keeping attention on the...
  12. C

    OBS freezes again after the v26 update!

    Dear gurus, this is the second time OBS freezes out of the 3 times I stream using OBS after the v26 update. Please refer to my first thread (with log files) for more details as the similar issue happens, freezes without crash report...
  13. S

    Webcam Is Delayed and Display Capture Freezes

    Hi wondering if anyone knows any fix for this issue? I have a Logitech Streamcam and when i load up certain games (i mainly play Rainbow Six Siege) the webcam falls behind my display capture and audio which is a pain for recording. This happens every time i play and i think its down to tabbing...
  14. R

    Video freezes when recording

    Hi, New user of OBS Studio here. I am using OBS Studio to record some of my online classes. In the last 10 instances, it has happened twice that after a point the video freezes in the recording, I can only hear the audio, but the video gets stuck on a particular frame (slide in the slide deck of...
  15. G

    PS4 1080p 60fps MASSIVE FROM DROPS. Video looks frozen sometimes.

    I recorded a Last of Us 2 video earlier and after recording, I was very disappointed to find out how much stuttering there was in the video to the point that it looks frozen. The audio sounds fine though. I think this is because I tried recording at CBR 75000 bitrate. Is that too much? I usually...
  16. C

    Black Screen and Freezing frame

    A while ago i recorded my first valorant game so i can capture some cool clips it turned out fine but after a week or 2 without using it i decided to play valorant and record it. When im finished recording and play it on vlc i had a black screen after 5 first i thought it was fine in...
  17. Exeldro

    Freeze Filter 0.3.3

    Download Filter to freeze a frame of a source Installation Copy and merge the folders that are in the download zip to the OBS folder for example: C:\Program Files\obs-studio\ or C:\Program Files (x86)\obs-studio Install latest visual c++ redistributable for visual studio 2019 Start OBS...
  18. D

    Question / Help Input camera freezes frame after a few seconds, does not refresh

    Log: Output of stream test: Device attached to el gato capture device is a Nikon d5200 DSLR camera. I have tried a lot of different things to try to get it to have a consistent video feed, but I am...