Webcam Is Delayed and Display Capture Freezes


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Hi wondering if anyone knows any fix for this issue? I have a Logitech Streamcam and when i load up certain games (i mainly play Rainbow Six Siege) the webcam falls behind my display capture and audio which is a pain for recording. This happens every time i play and i think its down to tabbing out of the game and then tabbing back in? But i'm not too sure. Deactivating and reactivating my cam is my current solution to this but obviously it not happening at all would be amazing

Another problem i have is my display capture freezes. I look over every once in a while and its just showing a still picture of something that was on my screen however long ago. Again, i don't know what causes this. Hiding and then showing the source is how i currently fix this.

Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks for reading :)


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In the Properties panel for the Video Capture Device for your camera, make sure that Buffering is set to Disable. It may make the motion less-smooth, but it sounds like the device isn't keeping up properly and OBS is expanding the buffer, leading to a longer delay. The smoothness loss will likely be imperceptible.

Display capture is the least-performant capture method, and should be entirely avoided at all costs, if possible. It also can cause significant performance issues if in a scene along with Game or Window captures, due to internal conflicts. We'd need to see a logfile from when the issue was happening to be sure, but the short answer is "don't use display capture if you can use any other capture method".