Stream Freezes / Returns with the preview Window looking half-sized mid-stream


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So I get this error sometimes on OBS, I think it froze when my GPU reached around 75degs, but thing is, it was never like that before. So what happens is that the entire Windows will freeze for a moment, around seconds then it will resume but the preview window will look half-sized and it would remove my chat, which is weird, why just the chat?

Here's a perfmon /rel report.


Hardware error

‎7 ‎Dec ‎2021 10:48 pm

Report sent

A problem with your hardware caused Windows to stop working correctly.

Problem signature
Problem Event Name: LiveKernelEvent
Code: 141
Parameter 1: ffff820fcc090010
Parameter 2: fffff807884b60c8
Parameter 3: 0
Parameter 4: 5118
OS version: 10_0_19043
Service Pack: 0_0
Product: 256_1
OS Version: 10.0.19043.
Locale ID: 18441

Extra information about the problem
Bucket ID: LKD_0x141_Tdr:6_IMAGE_nvlddmkm.sys_Ampere
Server information: 486fc9cd-43b1-44fb-87f9-cae316d98575

Noticed a line in OBS logs
22:48:08.933: [game-capture: 'Game Capture'] ----------------- d3d11 capture freed ----------------
22:48:08.995: [game-capture: 'Game Capture'] Found D3D11 11.0 device on swap chain
22:48:08.996: [game-capture: 'Game Capture'] d3d11 shared texture capture successful
22:48:09.144: [game-capture: 'Game Capture'] shared texture capture successful
22:48:38.615: Switched to Preview/Program mode

So it looks like it got froze for around 29 seconds then returned.

I've tried different variations of NVIDIA but none of their versions seem to fix it. Attached is the OBS logs.


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