Video Playback freezes after a while of streaming


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Hi Guys.

So i have a 2PC Streaming setup using NDI technology. My streaming PC is running 2 instances of OBS in order for me to be able to set a dynamic delay of 30 seconds. My first OBS instance is for streaming and my 2nd instance is for recording. So through advanced scene switcher i can actually playback the recording from my 2nd instance with a 30sec delay when playing Counterstrike.

Now i am experiencing some freezing issues lately. My recording is freezing after a while of streaming. It is the recording for sure, not the playback of it because i checked the recorded .mkv and i can see the freezes in there.
My log file:

Should there be 2 log files for both instances? Not quite sure what this log file includes, but it does include scene switching from my recording OBS, so i think thats where the problem is.

Any help is appreciated!