OBS keep crushing


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I'm trying to stream something on YouTube and Twitch (not at the same time) using OBS on my Windows 11 PC. The stream start and all seems ok, but about 5 minutes later of the starting of the stream OBS keep crush. It doesn't give me error, but on YT/Twitch gives me player error, and while refreshing the stream result as ended. On OBS i can see the mixer capturing the audio, but the screen is froze and the button has written "ON air" so it seems that the stream is running. If i click on the OBS windows to try do something, it gives me the Windows popup "Application is not responding".... I don't know what to do, I've already tried to look up on the log but i didn't find something helpful. Anyway that's all, i hope something can fix me this problem because I'm trying everything :(

P.S. I don't use OBS for screen recording but only for streaming, so i don't know if the problem is presenting on the recording mode too


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