Black Screen and Freezing frame


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A while ago i recorded my first valorant game so i can capture some cool clips it turned out fine but after a week or 2 without using it i decided to play valorant and record it. When im finished recording and play it on vlc i had a black screen after 5 first i thought it was fine in the first 4 seconds but after 5 second i had black screen so i forward and forward it and a screen inside my game showed up but freezes in a single frame so i had to keep forward till the end but at the end it turned out fine like the whole 30 minutes of my recorded video it freezes 25 minutes of it and the rest 5 minutes was fine . i need help recovering it cause i had a cool clip recorded and i was up whole night searching but still no solution and here's the log ...pls help me :( (sorry for my bad English)


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