1. A

    valorant lag and ping issues after installing new nvme and clean boot.

    So yesterday I got my new nvme m.2 and installed it into my pc, I put it in the 2nd slot, not the one under my gpu. I downloaded windows onto it and all my games again. So val and obs are on the same drive now, on a better ssd. When I stream my valorant literally has lag issues and ping issues...
  2. F

    Recordings and streams dont look smooth at all and I'm loosing my mind trying to figure out why

    I've been recording footage in Valorant for about a week before I noticed it's practically unusable due to said footage looking choppy and lacking smoothness. I don't understand why it looks the way it does but no matter what settings I do, it ends up looking more or less the same while others...
  3. 4

    Valorant record result becomes greyish

    Hello, i tried to record valorant but the result is so grey. it doesn't happen if i record the other games. is there anything i can do about it?
  4. h1ted

    Obs doesn't capture my voice in Valorant's voice chat

  5. jfkorion

    Connection issues with Valorant only

    So recently when streaming valorant, anywhere from every 30 seconds to a minute, my ping will spike to 90-150. It is not a general networking issue because it is ONLY valorant and only when I am streaming. If I am steaming other games there's no issues or if I am playing valorant off stream it...
  6. X

    Game capture not working for Valorant

    hello there! I'm having issues with Valorant on game capture on OBS. it works on the loading screen for valorant and recognises the game, but as soon as Ienter a game, it goes to a black screen, only showing parts of the screen. Does anyone else have these issues, found a fix and can help...
  7. S


    when i record valorant the footage is really laggy my settings are in attached files - footage how to fix that?
  8. A

    Valorant game freeze with OBS

    I want to stream Valorant, when I add it to OBS, I get a black screen. But when I check the "Use an interceptor that is compatible with cheat protection" checkbox, the game freezes for me, obs "clean" set, did not help. In streamlabs the same error. For some reason, Valorant's anti-cheat...
  9. B

    OBS Captura valorant con poco brillo.

    Hola, cuando hago una transmisión de valorant se ve muy oscuro, pero solo pasa en valorant, el resto se ve bien y no es la configuración dentro del juego porque se nota que le falta brillo a la transmisión. Ya intenté poner un filtro y subirle el brillo a la fuente de captura, pero los cambios...
  10. B

    0 fps

    Hi, I have 0.25 FPS when I'm trying to record anything on my Computer. I want to make Valorant Videos for YouTube, but I can't, if OBS don't work. My CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600x GPU: AMR Radeon rx570 8GB RAM: 16GB Mainboard: I think Gigabyte B450M (but I'm not sure) Monitor: Samsung Curved (idk...
  11. D

    Camera on OBS Studio stuttering when I open Valorant

    So I use an hd60 pro as my video capture device and whenever I have obs open, my camera completely stutters and it won't fix itself unless I close Valorant (doesn't have to be recording/streaming). I've tried other games and it never happens on them, only the moment valorants menu pops up. It's...
  12. A

    Black screen when trying to do game capture with Valorant

    Hi! What I tried doing is: Game Capture Mode: Capture Specific Window Window: [VALORANT-Win64-Shipping.exe]:Valorant Window match priority: Match title, otherwise find window of same executable Checked Limit Capture Framerate (tried without before)/Capture Cursor/Use anti-cheat compatibility...
  13. A

    Valorant lags whenever OBS opens

    I've been having this problem for a few days now, whenever i open valorant, obs works fine but the game slows down, i get stuck in the loading screen. I then moved to SLOBS, where this was not an issue. But I also want to multistream to a custom server which is payed in SLOBS. any help would be...
  14. rootfloat

    Valorant not showing preview

    Any time I try to record a valorant game with OBS, the OBS preview will sometimes show the initial loading screen frame but nothing else. Any help would be appreciated
  15. L

    OBS makes my fps in games really inconsistent

    Hello! First of all, I saw in a thread that it is recommended to link the last log file, so here it is : Last Log File Okay, so the problem that I have is that, whenever I play ( in this instance ) VALORANT, I get a consistent 164 fps because that is what I have it capped at. Whenever I open...
  16. aaronjdv

    Game crashes and then OBS crashes

    Some background Game: Valorant (played in Full screen 1280x960 resolution) PC Specs: CPU= Ryzen 5 3600, GPU= GTX 1660s, RAM= 16gb 3200mhz === I have noticed this problem since I have played Valorant in full screen and then alt-tabbed my game when I have enabled replay buffer in OBS. The problem...
  17. D

    Obs can't capture valorant

    Obs captures only the first frame of the game and that's it, I tried to change the screen mode in the game and even reinstalled it, launching the game and obs on behalf of the administrator did not help. In this case, the game is calmly captured through the window capture, and not the game.
  18. G

    Internal game push to talk

    Hi, im playing Valorant. And im using the Game internal Push to Talk feature to talk to random other persons. I want to stream those messages too. When i use it, i just can here myself talking and answering. Is it possible to make the push to talk feature of my teammates also hearable in my...
  19. G

    VALORANT Game Capture Problem

    so i was about to stream or record and for some reason it doesnt capture the game on fullscreen mode even both obs and the game is running on admin while i was readding the log to check what happened this shows up: 13:59:59.944: [game-capture: 'game hotkey'] attempting to hook process...
  20. N

    Valorant fps drop when i have streamlab obs open. even more fps drop when i record with it

    I usually get around 220 - 240 fps when i play valorant but when i have valorant open my fps dropped to 60-90 and when i record with it i only get around 60 fps im using 2 monitors, both of them are 240hz my spec is rtx 3060 i7 10th gen 16gb ram i tried using display capture and game capture...