black screen windows 10

  1. 0

    Black screen, there is sound (no integrated video card)

    Capture via the Windows 10 method (1903 or higher) does not work in obs. Logs are attached
  2. justtamers

    my obs crashs and turn's my monitor screen black

    so I have been trying to stream but every time I open obs after so long it will randomly crash and turn both of my monitor's screens black and the good old ctrl + shift + window button + b works but after I reopen it just makes it worse and it makes me have to do a hard restart and the one...
  3. C

    Black Screen and Freezing frame

    A while ago i recorded my first valorant game so i can capture some cool clips it turned out fine but after a week or 2 without using it i decided to play valorant and record it. When im finished recording and play it on vlc i had a black screen after 5 first i thought it was fine in...
  4. Echon

    Black Screen

    Okay so first of all, no it is not my display capture, second, this is only an issue after the video. So basically my display capture is just fine, however when I go back to watch the video I just spent 15 minutes recording, the whole thing is black and audio is cut off completely. I've also...