1. R

    Facebook live won't connect before go live--connects after go lice

    Greetings-- Using latest OBS version on Win 10, log file attached at end. I live stream on FB daily using OBS. Usually I create a live event to begin later. 1hr to a week. It seems if the event is scheduled more than 24 hours ahead, I can setup the event and connect OBS prior to going live...
  2. I

    No me deja iniciar la transmisión con Facebook

    Como está en el título no permite iniciar la transmisión con Facebook, se intentó varias veces con varias de transmisión e incluso cambiando de servidor y ninguna opción dejó. Se probó con desinstalarla y volverla a instalar y tampoco, me sigue apareciendo el mismo error. Que puedo hacer?
  3. M

    Live stream stop trim on facebook

    Hello there.. I need a help.. Im a gamer... Actually i saw some of streamer they make live stemming but i can't trim while the live stemming. I couldn’t go back to see his 1/2 minute. There was no trining sing. How to they do that? I want to do same thing... If you know this setting please...
  4. L

    Dual Livestream

    Recently upgraded to latest OBS release and added the multi-stream plugin. Everything seemed fine on the test stream (YouTube & Facebook). CPU at 1% and 0% dropped frames steamed for 2 minutes until I shut it down. No errors anywhere that I could see. Once done I couldnt find any sign of...
  5. J

    Facebook Messenger no longer recognizing OBS virtual camera?

    I have always been able to use OBS virtual camera with Facebook Messenger until about 2 months ago when I updated Messenger. Now it does not accept a virtual camera. Has anyone else had this problem? I haven't found any information on Facebook's side or OBS's side. It's quite frustrating, and...
  6. W

    Facebook Live stream

    Hi, I am currently using my android phone as the webcam for my Facebook Streaming. So the OBS Droidcam was installed on the Android, then connected to the Windows OBS through the DroidCam plugin. For some unknown reasons, my live stream audio is choppy and you can clearly hear the breaking...
  7. K

    Facebook Live From OBS Browser- picture only and no sound

    Hello OBS Forum members, my name is Kevin and I am a new member here. My question for you seasoned OBS users is how do I use the browser feature in OBS to do a live broadcast to Facebook or YouTube with sound? Using the browser in OBS saves on my CPU usage. I've tried this on a few occasions...
  8. Zolja007

    Mac M1 + OBS + Facebook Live

    So, I've been testing OBS with Mac mini M1 streaming on Facebook. Found out the cleanest way to stream with minimal to no issue. Mac mini m1 16gb ram 512ssd 2 monitors, 1 through HDMI the other through usb-c converter Using CalDigit TS3 Also tested the settings without it and it worked, but...
  9. K

    Obs ninja landscape

    Hi everyone! I am new in OBS. Please read my ques. And give your important solution. 1/ everytime i add a mobile camera via (obs ninja) i set my phone position in LANDSCAPE mode but it become portrait in OBS. I have to fix it by rotating source. Now. I want to know how i can add camera in...
  10. X

    !!!major problem dropp frames!!!!!!! HELP PLEASE!!!!!!

    hey guys need help fixing my drop frames my download is 900mps and uploads 400mps i stream on facebook once it was working now its not please help!!!!! https://obsproject.com/logs/I75vwlUZNNbivI7X
  11. sammieko

    Stream chats.. how do i put them intro my stream?

    Hello ladies and gentlemen, and everyone in between of that‍♂️. got a question about stream chats, like i want to put in my stream itself the livechat what is going on below my stream… for example i take faceboo, since i stream there lately the most…how do i do this…. Without a weird platform...
  12. aminox

    Cannot select integrated camera on Facebook room.

    Hi, I installed obs yesterday and can't select my integrated camera in facebook anymore eventhough I see it in the camera list together with OBS virtual camera. If I select it and click save nothing happens. It just shows it's selected but the preview window shows OBS virtual camera again. See...
  13. H

    OBS streams - No sound on Twitch Live but there's sound on Facebook Live

    As the title implies, whenever I go live on Twitch, game sound and mic sound doesn't come out. But when I tried going live on Facebook, it works just fine. Going Live on Twitch [X] Game Sound [X] Mic Sound [O] Monitoring Going Live on FB [O] Game Sound [O] Mic Sound [O] Monitoring I've been...
  14. M

    Alternative to Restream

    We have used Restream for a while to stream to Facebook, Youtube and our website at the same time. They recently discontinued the ability to embed on our website, and doing so by using Youtube is too labor intensive because we have to re-embed with every new stream. I was wondering if anyone...
  15. P

    Recommended Camera for RTSP Streaming

    Hey, we are a paranormal investigation company and in desperate need of a night vision camera that either connects via WiFi or mobile hotspot or mobile WiFi device. We bought a NVR 4 Camera system from Amazon but it’s just rubbish and RTSP URL doesn’t work. And it’s going back to Amazon. We need...
  16. L

    [Fixed ?] The RTMP server sent an invalid SSL certificate - Facebook/OBS

    Hello Everyone ! (I'm French sorry for the bad english !) I had the problem with the SSL certificate when i tried to stream on Facebook, and I remember that SSL was for the security, so i tried to download and install an Antivirus (Like "Avast") and ! It's Work Now ! I don't know if it will work...
  17. A

    Facebook Messenger for Mac - Virtual Cam

    I use Messenger for Mac. I can't seem to find a way of changing the settings between my built-in camera and the ODS Virtual Camera. Can anyone help, please? Andre
  18. L

    Facebook Live is Lagging and Freezing

    Hello, I am very new to OBS, but not to livestreaming over Facebook. I have done it with my phone for years, but decided to upgrade with a Sony HandyCam and CamLink 4K. I've read hundreds of posts and changed all kinds of settings, but I still get the same outcome. On the OBS program...
  19. M

    Live streaming from a Facebook personal account but the output will be on a Facebook page

    Good day! I am a Social Media Manager for a Facebook page for a charity and this will be the first time that we are going to use streaming software for our Facebook Live. We are going to have an event this April and we are going to have performers from around the world. My question is "Is it...
  20. Mauricio_Music

    Plugin for chat from multiple sources

    I have just set up the plugin to stream on multiple platforms at once (by now I stream to Twitch, Youtube and Facebook) but I found that I can have the chat of one platform only in the OBS studio mode. A few days ago I saw a guy playing guitar on Twitch and he got in his screen chat messages...