1. H

    OBS streams - No sound on Twitch Live but there's sound on Facebook Live

    As the title implies, whenever I go live on Twitch, game sound and mic sound doesn't come out. But when I tried going live on Facebook, it works just fine. Going Live on Twitch [X] Game Sound [X] Mic Sound [O] Monitoring Going Live on FB [O] Game Sound [O] Mic Sound [O] Monitoring I've been...
  2. M

    Alternative to Restream

    We have used Restream for a while to stream to Facebook, Youtube and our website at the same time. They recently discontinued the ability to embed on our website, and doing so by using Youtube is too labor intensive because we have to re-embed with every new stream. I was wondering if anyone...
  3. P

    Recommended Camera for RTSP Streaming

    Hey, we are a paranormal investigation company and in desperate need of a night vision camera that either connects via WiFi or mobile hotspot or mobile WiFi device. We bought a NVR 4 Camera system from Amazon but it’s just rubbish and RTSP URL doesn’t work. And it’s going back to Amazon. We need...
  4. L

    [Fixed ?] The RTMP server sent an invalid SSL certificate - Facebook/OBS

    Hello Everyone ! (I'm French sorry for the bad english !) I had the problem with the SSL certificate when i tried to stream on Facebook, and I remember that SSL was for the security, so i tried to download and install an Antivirus (Like "Avast") and ! It's Work Now ! I don't know if it will work...
  5. A

    Facebook Messenger for Mac - Virtual Cam

    I use Messenger for Mac. I can't seem to find a way of changing the settings between my built-in camera and the ODS Virtual Camera. Can anyone help, please? Andre
  6. L

    Facebook Live is Lagging and Freezing

    Hello, I am very new to OBS, but not to livestreaming over Facebook. I have done it with my phone for years, but decided to upgrade with a Sony HandyCam and CamLink 4K. I've read hundreds of posts and changed all kinds of settings, but I still get the same outcome. On the OBS program...
  7. M

    Live streaming from a Facebook personal account but the output will be on a Facebook page

    Good day! I am a Social Media Manager for a Facebook page for a charity and this will be the first time that we are going to use streaming software for our Facebook Live. We are going to have an event this April and we are going to have performers from around the world. My question is "Is it...
  8. Mauricio_Music

    Plugin for chat from multiple sources

    I have just set up the plugin to stream on multiple platforms at once (by now I stream to Twitch, Youtube and Facebook) but I found that I can have the chat of one platform only in the OBS studio mode. A few days ago I saw a guy playing guitar on Twitch and he got in his screen chat messages...
  9. StreamerOne

    is it possible to have different overlays over different streaming channels?

    Hello guys! I am looking for some information and support. Is there a way to have one specific overlay for Twitch.tv (tip cup, follows, subs, raids, etc.) but that those won't be appearing on Facebook or elsewhere? I have my own multichannel streaming solution so this is bugging me a lot.
  10. Z


    Yo! I stream on Facebook. Their policy is that if you want to stream on 60 fps, you need to be part of their Level Up Program. I achieved that. But when I went back to OBS, the 60 fps option is still unavailable. Anyone know why this is happening? Anyone know a solution to this?

    20+ upload speed/900+ download 3500 bitrate still dropping frames and freezing

    I've been having this issue for awhile now and i can not for the life of me figure it out. Ive tried running obs studios recommended setting and i still drop frames and freeze. Ive dropped my bitrate from 6k down to 3k and my stream still look choppy. Ive talked to guys running the same graphics...

    Freezing FB stream

    I’ve been having an issue with my Facebook stream freezing when I’m live. I’m running obs studios and my Bitrate is 6000 and I’m running at 30fps. I’ve also tried to run the recommended setting that obs tells me to and I run into the same issue with freezing. I’m hardwired and my upload speed is...
  13. L

    Facebook Live with OBS: phase issues when listening on phone speaker.

    Hi everyone, I was using OBS to stream a live show today on Facebook, and had some issues with phase. Phase cancellation was happening when I listened to the stream on my phone speaker, but not with headphones, or through a laptop. I was wondering if any of you ever had the same problem, and a...
  14. K

    Can you broadcast a facebook call when streaming thru youtube?

    Hi, is there anyway to stream a Facebook call thru obs when your streaming live on youtube?
  15. motrongames

    Streaming 60fps on Facebook looks WORSE. Help?

    Hey folks, I recently got Level Up-ed on Facebook meaning I can do 1080p 60fps so to celebrate I streamed some Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and noticed that at 720p 60fps it actually looks quite a bit blockier than when I was doing 720p 30fps. Any idea why? It's running at 60fps no problem, which is...
  16. L

    Issue with FFmpeg and Facebook

    Hey all, recently I have been following this guide: https://obsproject.com/forum/resources/obs-studio-stream-to-multiple-platforms-or-channels-at-once.932/ And everything within it seems to work alright, but I have an issue where trying to stream to Facebook using FFmpeg it does not work at...
  17. P

    OBS disconnects 2 minutes after changing scene

    Over the past few weeks OBS has started intermittently disconnecting from Facebook 2 mins after switching scenes. An overview of what happens is as follows: Start stream Switch scene (note, this does not happen every time and occurs with different scenes) 2 mins later OBS disconnects from...
  18. V

    Streaming profiles

    Hi, I'd really make use of streaming profiles in obs. The way I make ready for streaming to facebook involves making a private test stream to my personal account and then streaming live to fb page publicly. There is a need to change the title and description of the stream and copying the 2...
  19. K

    Can't connect to FB with BMD Web Presenter plugged in

    I've searched and can't find anything on this issue I'm having, unless I'm just not asking the correct questions. Using Windows 7-x64 on HP i7 laptop, OBS 25.0.8, and BMD Web Presenter. I am able to repeat this issue time after time and I'm getting nowhere with it. Everything is connected and...
  20. R

    Connection lost while streaming on Facebook

    Hello, every time im live on facebook thru obs i have "connection disconnected" and dropped frames every 10-15 min or less! Log File: https://obsproject.com/logs/YKqRDEkjLbIAAraU