1. AmadeusRings

    Bug Report OBS Boots me from both Facebook and Youtube MID-Stream

    Greetings, I tried Googling a solution and could not find one. I've tried lowering my bitrate, reinstalling OBS, etc. I've been trying to stream a game for the past week and no matter what I do, I can't seem to get a consistent stream. It seems to be at random. Attached is an error log. Could...
  2. B

    Question / Help my steaming disconnecting every 1-2 hours not reconnect

    Now I live on Facebook. But streaming disconnecting every 1-2 hours NO RECONNECT Help plz / Thank you
  3. willhavengaming

    Question / Help How to configure Recording output settings for streaming on Facebook Live

    Long story short, I'm currently using restream.io as the streaming output/source in OBS (for Mixer and Twitch). Since Facebook Live has a cost in restream.io, I'm using a workaround of utilizing the SETTINGS > OUTPUT > RECORDING > CUSTOM OUTPUT > OUTPUT TO URL in OBS. The problem I'm having is...
  4. M

    Question / Help Whenever going to live video through OBS on facebook getting below message. Please help me !

    Facebook has not received video signal from the video source for some time. Check that the connectivity between the video source and Facebook is sufficient for the source resolution and bitrate. Check your video encoder logs for details. If problems persist, consider improving connection quality...
  5. D

    OBS Browser Source(bad quality)

    Hi, I wonder if anyone can help me? I have been streaming my PS4 to my Facebook. I have done this by streaming to Twitch and then using the "Browser Source" feature on OBS. The stream is nice and smooth with good quality when viewing direct on twitch. When viewing through the OBS programme and...
  6. E

    Question / Help I can't go live on Youtube but Facebook and Twitch works fine.

    I can't go live on Youtube with any software even xsplit. I tried on my older sister's PC using same internet still no good. I tried going live using Youtube Gaming App using Android still no use. Then I used different WIFI (my younger sister's WIFI) on my phone then it suddenly worked. We both...
  7. S

    Question / Help 3 Questions I need answered

    Good day all, So, as the title says, I have two questions that I can't seem to find an answer for. Can I stream to Facebook and YouTube at the same time from the same instance? We stream our church services 3 times a week. Is there a place I can I set the title of the message in the SW that...
  8. T

    Bug Report Media Source Problem

    I have been recently trying to do a live stream show to Facebook using OBS. I have my credits video that I want to play using the media source output and their is something terribly wrong with that feature. It’ll allow me to locate and utilize my videos that I want to play, however the speed of...
  9. M

    Question / Help OBS Live Streaming to Facebook Live: video recorded for later viewing has audio off-sync

    I'm using OBS Studio 21.1.1 from a MacBook Pro 15 2016. I'm streaming different cameras to Facebook Live. I'm correcting the off-set of audio/video sync via OBS. While streaming live, the audio is correct, and the users from their phone can view and listen audi/video in sync. As I stop the...