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I have been recently trying to do a live stream show to Facebook using OBS. I have my credits video that I want to play using the media source output and their is something terribly wrong with that feature. It’ll allow me to locate and utilize my videos that I want to play, however the speed of said videos are tremendously slow. It says that it is playing at 100% speed, but its more like 25% speed. Even when I increase the video speed to 200% it plays at about 50% of its actual speed. Now I have to use the display capture function and open my QuickTime Player on a separate screen just to play the videos I have, and that sucks because now instead of only transitioning to the video I have to go and toggle the play button in which a popup has to enter the display in order for me to do.The display really makes my show look unprofessional and takes me further away from the direction I am trying to go with my show. It also increases the need for a 3rd display screen in which I had already planned to use for my MainsStage 3 program to help me with the music and everything I would play.

Also is there a way to fit the latency between the OBS program and FaceBook Live Stream. Whenever I go live their is at least a 15 second delay going to Facebook from OBS. And I do not have the stream delay on.
I've had good luck running the converting the files to .mkv with handbrake. Someone else was telling me about converting to WebM as well. Basically takes the heavy lifting out of the equation