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  1. T

    Bandwidth is red (Very low-0 kb/s) but Internet is perfectly fine.

    (( LOGS )) As soon I go press the: Starting Streaming button, my bandwidth (color) will go red with significantly low kb/s (it is set to 4,500 kb/s) and most of the time will go to 0 kb/s and stay in 0 kb/s. This issue I have been having for a time now but not as bad as today; where I cannot go...
  2. P

    Sony A5100 blurry on Warzone stream

    ok, so when I live stream normally ( for example just my face cam or face cam and google chrome ) i think my quality looks good since I'm using a Sony a5100 into a cam link, now when i start to stream video games like warzone, i notice my camera quality kind of looks more like a logi webcam then...
  3. certe-productions

    What is a good and inexpensive graphics card for multi camera streaming?

    Hey guys! I'm looking to start a new project which involves live streaming of music bands in a multi-camera setup studio. I'm looking to start with the lowest budget possible and to use what I already have: Intel i5 desktop PC with 16 GB of RAM Memory and 5 Canon full HD camcorders liked to HDMI...
  4. R

    How do you render live chat for Periscope/Twitter Live?

    I only know the code for Youtube but I use periscope. Can anyone tell me how to render the chat from there?
  5. M

    Question / Help Stream a cam from a friend in another city?

    Hello. I am super brand new here and to the software. I want to know is it possible to set up stream with one or more cams in other cities to go live with, similar to how news reporters do when they are talking to people in multiple cities? I would want to do something like Skype I guess but...
  6. A

    Question / Help Video streaming web portal

    Hi there, I am new to this community and live streaming. I have a school pickup and drop service, and was thinking to improve my service by installing cameras in the vans. I want to provide live streaming of these cameras to school management, they can have a dedicated PC on which live...
  7. L

    Question / Help I have a good PC but my Stream is laggy as hell

    I've recently been trying to stream on twitch but it's so laggy and I don't know why. Output Settings: Encoder: H264, 6000 bitrate (CBR), Balanced quality preset. PC SPECS: Sapphire Nitro RX 590 8GB, AMD Ryzen 2700x, 16GBmhz ram.
  8. D

    Question / Help Freezing when livestraming

    Hi Guys.. I wondered if u an help... I'm a DJ and regularly use obs to stream my live sets and shows to facebook.. I just wondered what would be the very best settings and bit rate to stop my live streams from freezing and glitching.. it happens ever time I go live.. please help. Many Thanks...
  9. KinkyWild1

    DYNAMIC Watermarking to prevent piracy

    I already watermark all of my live streams with a static watermark. However, this has not stopped websites from recording and redistributing my content anyway (with my watermark still attached). I was wondering if it were possible to create a plugin that could watermark the stream on the user...
  10. M

    Question / Help Video Capture Device not recognized from Camera display to laptop

    Hi there! I have been trying to get my Panasonic DC-TZ90/DC-ZS70 Camera to display its view onto the laptop into OBS, in order to live stream. It is connected via by an HDMI cable to a Raycue Video Capture card and the USB 3.0 attachment from the video capture card to the laptop, however, after...
  11. J

    Receive a LIVE stream from a sports event ?

    Hello, we have as project to retransmit a sporting event and we will thus receive a LIVE stream which will arrive on our Open Broadcaster Software ... How should we proceed to receive it correctly? What are the steps? Thank you, JackP
  12. Sonador

    Bug Report OBS ignores "show confirmation" settings when using hotkeys

    Hey there! I have my macro keys configured to control my steam via key combos as streamdeck does not support win7 - OBS is configured to show a confirmation both when starting and stopping the stream, but when using the hotkeys, no confirmations are displayed. This has caused me to accidentally...
  13. K

    Question / Help Saving OBS Filters

    Hello, ive been using this forum alot finding answers to alot of my questions, but couldnt to this particular one, two actually. So i spend alot of time setting microphone, then for some specific reason i went to disable and enable again audio device in obs audio settings, so ive did this...
  14. P

    Question / Help How to get Spotify current track info while live streaming on Chaturbate (MAC!)

    Hey guys! So I know that it's possible to have the current track info shown on an OBS stream from Spotify on Windows, and for Twitch, but haven't been able to find a way to do so on Mac. Also I'll be streaming on Chaturbate, if that information is pertinent. (Not sure how much crossover there is...
  15. Y

    Question / Help Scaling/Ratio for Live Streaming iOS/Android.

    Dear all, I'm currently trying to set up a OBS Stream with RTMP Server into a Live Streaming platform on the mobile platform. I currently using 1280 x 720 settings as base and output. Does anyone know the optimum settings for such a thing? I am facing some problems because I managed to do...
  16. A

    Question / Help HELP :( High CPU Usage, Poor quality

    Hello, I'd say I am a novice compared to most, but I've learned the basics of OBS. However, I decided to install OBS on my desktop, which is a few years old -- I was running it off of a 2-year-old laptop with no issue but I was then limited on internet speed while streaming. I am not a gamer...
  17. T

    Question / Help Games stuttering/lagging during the live stream with OBS.

    Hello, first of all I'm sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong area, it's my first time here in the Open Broadcaster Software forum, I'd like some help in the settings of my live stream, I have the following computer configuration: Motherboard: Asus p8h61-m lx3 r2.0 Processor: Intel Core i5...
  18. D

    Question / Help Recommended OBS Settings for PC Streaming

    Hi, I was wondering what are the optimal settings for streaming PC games? When I do a test stream the footage looks pixelated. I stream at 1080p@60fps with console games and get decent enough quality and minimal pixelation. I have an i5 6500 CPU and an RX 480 GPU. I am aware that x264 encoding...
  19. C

    Question / Help Need help to get video pushed from phone by RTMP to obs, then instagram!

    I had an idea to live stream my bike rides with a GoPro to instagram. To do this, I have a program that can read footage from a USB camera and can push the feed to RTMP. I also found a method online to stream OBS to instagram. So right now, I have my cam set up and connected to my RTMP (through...
  20. M

    Question / Help facebook live audio mac

    yesterday i broadcasted to facebook all was ok. now today its only broadcasting in stereo, when i listen back. its only one channel. why is this?