Question / Help Scaling/Ratio for Live Streaming iOS/Android.


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Dear all,

I'm currently trying to set up a OBS Stream with RTMP Server into a Live Streaming platform on the mobile platform.

I currently using 1280 x 720 settings as base and output.

Does anyone know the optimum settings for such a thing?

I am facing some problems because I managed to do it by rescaling everything into the middle to fit into the screen size.

But I realized that iPhone X and above, reads my whole OBS Canvas, while older models read on the middle section of the Canvas?

Any idea on this issue? Is there a way i can do a one time template where it fits all phone models?


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The optimum settings almost completely depend on the performance of the machine that is creating the stream, i. e. the machine OBS runs on. Since every system is different, everyone has different optimum settings.