Bandwidth is red (Very low-0 kb/s) but Internet is perfectly fine.


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(( LOGS ))

As soon I go press the: Starting Streaming button, my bandwidth (color) will go red with significantly low kb/s (it is set to 4,500 kb/s) and most of the time will go to 0 kb/s and stay in 0 kb/s.
This issue I have been having for a time now but not as bad as today; where I cannot go live. Because, the stream is only buffering.

Internet is fine. II have 250mbs down / 25mbs up.
Things I have done (troubleshoot) so far:

I have followed the troubleshoot options provided by OBS in the forums and checked out everything. From changing settings to checking hardware to having ISP techs at my house.
I have changed LAN cables.
I have tried other Twitch servers and other platforms and I get the same result.

Please help. I don't know if it's anything hardware related or software related?

Thank you in advance to everyone who replies.

Tomasz Góral

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Check network via WinMTR.
Your log show problems on connection from yours computer to target computer. Internet is many diffrent network some times connection between networks is broken.


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16:39:00.002: [rtmp stream: 'adv_stream'] bitrate decreased to: 4300
16:39:26.984: [rtmp stream: 'adv_stream'] bitrate decreased to: 300
16:39:57.000: [rtmp stream: 'adv_stream'] bitrate increased to: 750, waiting
16:39:57.000: [rtmp stream: 'adv_stream'] bitrate decreased to: 600
16:40:08.072: [rtmp stream: 'adv_stream'] Stream shutdown timeout reached (30 second(s))
16:40:08.072: [rtmp stream: 'adv_stream'] User stopped the stream
16:40:08.081: [rtmp stream: 'adv_stream'] bitrate decreased to: 400
Your connection is unable to maintain a stable bitrate to your chosen ingest server.
Be aware that speedtest websites test the PEAK speed of your connection, and not the MINIMUM CONSTANT speed that livestreaming relies on.
This is like jumping and touching the highest point on a wall multiple times, taking the highest one and saying you are that tall, as compared to standing flat on the ground and measuring to the top of your head.

Livestreaming is also VERY susceptible to packet loss and other connection instabilities. As you're streaming to Twitch, you can use R1ch's Twitch Test tool to check your connection to the server. You want a Quality score of at least 90, preferably 100. Chances are good considering that logfile that you'll hit 0 though, which will mean significant packet loss and connection stability problems. The only fix being to contact your ISP.