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    Need some help with browser source issues

    Hi, I hope someone can help me out with this problem. I'm helping a friend set up a stream for YouTube where he wants to stream external camera sources. We've set up YT and OBS all ok, but the issue is the cam sources either not staying open or just constantly loading depending on how I try it...
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    Having Issues with buffering

    Okay, I did read and go through the pinned posts in the forums but I am still not getting anywhere. I am streaming explicitly on Youtube and am having dropped frames, lag and buffering issues. I am using a one PC set up to stream and play games. This is my laptop...
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    Bandwidth is red (Very low-0 kb/s) but Internet is perfectly fine.

    (( LOGS )) As soon I go press the: Starting Streaming button, my bandwidth (color) will go red with significantly low kb/s (it is set to 4,500 kb/s) and most of the time will go to 0 kb/s and stay in 0 kb/s. This issue I have been having for a time now but not as bad as today; where I cannot go...
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    Stream buffering every 30 sec - what to do?

    Hi guys, So, I'm trying to stream to Dacast. Have a Ryzen 5 3600 workstation and a 100M/bit line. When my stream starts, viewers see a spinning circle for ~5 sec every 30 sec. OBS, however, says 0 dropped frames. I'm using the streaming setting recommended by Dacast with only 800 kb/sec...
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    Question / Help Streaming bitrate goes down after an hour of streaming

    When i start streaming, everything if fine for about 30 minutes - 1 hour 30 minutes. But once i stream after those periods, the stream on twitch constantly starts buffering and sometimes disconnects me from the streaming server. i did stream test and my bitrate goes down after an hour. any...
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    Question / Help Stream buffering issues on OBS

    I have encountered issues related to streaming on Chaturbate. On average every 7 - 9 minutes the broadcast begins to buffer, in some instances this pushes the user back to the "auto" resolution setting. If the user selects a lower resolution the problem is reduced wherein the user will...