Question / Help Stream buffering issues on OBS


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I have encountered issues related to streaming on Chaturbate.

On average every 7 - 9 minutes the broadcast begins to buffer, in some instances this pushes the user back to the "auto" resolution setting. If the user selects a lower resolution the problem is reduced wherein the user will encounter the buffer at around the 9 minute mark. This problem seems to affect higher resolutions being 1080p60 and 1440p60 more significantly. This happens continually every 7 minutes at higher resolutions and 9 minutes at lower resolutions.

I have currently tested the following:
  • lowering the video bit rate;
  • lowering the FPS;
  • lowering the Resolution;
  • the webcam on another laptop;
  • another webcam on another laptop;
  • another webcam on the same laptop;
  • live ping tests - the ping the US was under 200ms (im based in Europe); and
  • speed tests - download < 500 megabit, upload < 250 megabit.
I have updated all of the laptop drivers, router firmware, and tested another router.

I have contacted the internet service provider, and they indicated that there are no service related issues.

Log file available here.

I am pulling out my hair, so any assistance herein will be greatly appreciated.


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The logfile you posted contains a perfectly valid streaming session. No issues with lost frames, neither due to GPU overload, nor due to CPU overload, and nor due to network congestion.

If this is really a session that exhibits your issue, the issue might be on the streaming provider side, not on your side. If this is the case, there's nothing you can really do. Probably lowering the bandwidth to decrease the network load for the streaming provider, but that's about all you can do. You streamed with bitrate 10000 for 1080p, perhaps lower this to 6000-8000. Your contents is probably not as fast moving as in a 1st person
shooter, where these streaming bitrates are recommended for, so you should be fine. You might even go lower down to 5000. 10000 is a bit high.