1. D

    Stream disconnecting and reconnecting every 2 to 5 minutes

    I know there's a lot of people already posted this issue but I'm still hoping. So here are my log files right after obs reconnected again. OBS LOGS: OBS SETTINGS: SPEEDTEST RESULT...
  2. J

    Does "Refresh browser when scene becomes active" reduce bandwidth when pulling multiple sources from OBS Ninja?

    I have 10+ scenes on OBS Studio, each pulling a different video source via OBS Ninja for a live conference scenario. I would like to know whether ticking "Refresh browser when scene becomes active" will help to reduce bandwidth during the conference. When a scene is inactive, does it stop...
  3. A

    Stream consistently keeps disconnecting-(successfully)reconnecting every 2/5mins

    Based on the title given: - My internet is doing fine (35up, 35 down) - Output settings: - Stream: Twitch, Tokyo Region - Bandwidth Test: - Logs to my OBS:
  4. K

    Running into bandwidth issues (seemingly) out of nowhere

    I have started streaming recently and suddenly yesterday I started having bandwidth issues and as far as I can tell the internet is still 100%.I am playing the same game (suikoden II) and I don't think I changed any of the settings other than installing some extensions. When I looked in the log...
  5. A

    Bitrate spikes drastically

    I stream at 6000 bitrate, but sometimes my bitrate output spikes up to 20 - 35K, which makes my ping in-game really high and the stream laggy. I really need help with this as the high bitrate stays for at least a minute which really ruins the vibes.
  6. C

    OBS Disconneting

    I have been having issues with OBS disconnection from YouTube when streaming my church live stream. It just stops streaming on Youtube, doesn't show me any errors and still shows that it is streaming because it gives me the option to click the stop streaming button. I will attach the Log.
  7. badneck

    Mysterious NDI+OBS Problem

    Hey so I've been stuck using NDI for about a month while I allocate some funds for a capture card. Log files will not help you guys here as my problem is this: I run scan converter on my gaming pc and send it through my router to my stream pc which uses plain ole OBS, but somewhere along the way...
  8. K

    Question / Help OBS kb/s drops with 20mb Upload Speed

    Hi guys, I have been getting kb/s drops while streaming, I never had this proble, I stream at 6000 bitrate 60fps and never had problems. Now I drop to 3000-4000 I'm using Spain servers, because as you see I have a really stable connection. I think OBS use 64k TCP Window Size right? So it...
  9. O

    Question / Help OBS Bitrate drops to 0 after a couple hours then refuses to disconnect

    This has only started recently but after a couple hours of streaming, sometimes less, OBS drops my bitrate down to 0 but doesn't actually disconnect (no disconnect message is displayed and it doesn't attempt to reconnect). Even worse, if I attempt to manually disconnect it gets stuck attempting...
  10. microbox6

    Question / Help OBS losing frames because is not using all the bandwith

    Hello everyone, thanks for read me. I want to share a problem I just realize I had over year and a half with OBS Studio 23.2.1 and behind... With the last and current version of OBS Studio, I can't surpass the 2000 Kbps of bitrate without drastically losing frames. But here's the thing, it only...
  11. J

    Question / Help Bandwidth Test Mode not working?

    Hi, I was messing with OBS and ended up having to uninstall and reinstall everything. I reconnected my OBS with my Twitch account. While I can stream normally, every time I check "Enable Bandwidth Test Mode," nothing shows up on my Twitch and it says it's offline. Is this a problem with my...
  12. R

    Question / Help Bandwith question - OBS Streaming to Youtube

    Hello! I looked around here in the forums for an answer to this, but never found any concrete answer. I have a shoutcast server that I rent, wanting to use it to stream music to YouTube with an autodj, 24/7. They suggested I could use OBS to stream to YouTube. I found the answer to 'is it...