Question / Help OBS Bitrate drops to 0 after a couple hours then refuses to disconnect


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This has only started recently but after a couple hours of streaming, sometimes less, OBS drops my bitrate down to 0 but doesn't actually disconnect (no disconnect message is displayed and it doesn't attempt to reconnect). Even worse, if I attempt to manually disconnect it gets stuck attempting to disconnect and I have to close it to get it to stop. During this, my internet connection is stable. This often happens in the middle of a ladder match so I know I'm not disconnected.

I've attached a log from today's error which happened ~1 hour into a stream.
There doesn't seem to be any common factor because it happens during other games, including single player offline games
I've tried updating all my network drivers and my gpu driver. I even updated my chipset drivers and flashed my bios.

I'm able to start OBS and reconnect when this happens, however it usually just drops to -0 again even sooner, as early as 5 minutes into a stream even if there is no game or demanding software running (outside of OBS itself).


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