1. S

    OBS Keeps Disconnecting from Twitch

    I just started streaming a few months now and my stream has been working fine up until a week ago. There were maybe two updates for OBS and i installed them and now it disconnects frequently and I'm not sure why. I ran the log files through the analyzer and made some changes, but the stream...
  2. El Matador

    Possible using "Twitch disconnect protection" to restart stream with added delay?

    I am currently trying to put "delay on demand" into my twitch stream without creating another streaming session on twitch (another VOD, viewers loosing connection, etc.). Youtube has backup RTMP server option, where if your main RTMP server fails, it will get replaced with another. However...
  3. S

    Random Crashes - RTMP send error 10060, 10054, 10038

    I've been having random disconnects for a while now, trying to figure out how to pinpoint if the issue is a network error, a pc specific issue or an ISP issue. Logs are attached, I left the bandwidth test mode running overnight and I see the RTMP errors starting at 9:28:49:329, I woke up at...
  4. D

    Stream disconnectet nach etwa 15 Minuten

    Servus, seit meinem Umzug etwa habe ich Probleme mit OBS, der stream stürzt etwa 15-40 minuten nach beginn ab. Hardwareseitig schließe ich das Problem aus (2080ti, Ryzen 3900X, 32GB RAM) Bei Telekom hab ich auch angerufen, dort konnte mir auch nicht weiter geholfen werden. Upload habe ich...
  5. D

    disconnecting and reconnecting obs

    Hello, when I stream, the software connects and after a few minutes it disconnects for about 15 seconds and reconnects. how to solve the problem? thanks
  6. D

    Disconnect from server.

    Hello, I've been getting randomly while streaming the message "Disconnect From Server" multiple times a day. Here are some log files. https://obsproject.com/logs/oJpPfnOPyb3LWeoO
  7. C

    My OBS keeps disconnecting and I dont know why :( log files in post

    So I haven't streamed in about 3 months, and when I did, I was using a wifi connection and never had any issues. I'm now using an Ethernet cable, and my stream today was a disaster. My stream keeps disconnecting and reconnecting, effectively shutting me down. I don't think it's the ethernet...
  8. C

    Stream Randomly Disconnects / Having to Force Close

    I have been running into an issue for the past couple of weeks where my stream will randomly disconnect and I would have to force close my OBS Studio from the Task Manager. Sometimes it would be after 1h 30 mins; sometimes it will be after 5-10 mins. The time ranges are always different. The...
  9. GothPhoebe

    Having random disconnects

    I'm not sure what's causing it but I've been having issues with random disconnects to twitch for a few months now. Here are a few of my logs to see if these help find out what the issue is.
  10. V

    RTMP sending errors, making stream disconnect, has been going on for almost a month now.

    So, whenever I stream at no specific point, stream will disconnect for a couple seconds and will go back, however, this has always made me lose a big potion of my viewers and has even made my vod split. I would really appreciate if someone could give me a solution for this problem once and for...
  11. A

    Log File Check - OBS or Network Issue?

    I'm a bit new to reading OBS logs, but we had a disconnect-and-reconnect last night. Just wondering if someone could take a look at the log file and see if they could let me know if OBS had any issue if it was an OBS side problem or if we could see that it was caused by our network provider...
  12. E

    Random disconnects causing the audio to disappear

    Hi, I’ve been streaming for the last two years, and the last year or so I’ve been having issues with random disconnects towards the twitch servers. I’ve seen similar threads, but nothing really helps. I’ve been changing settings based on what I’ve seen in these threads, but it still happens...
  13. S

    Why is my OBS disconnected ?

    Hello everyone :) I I have a problem with my live stream that after around 12 hours the live stream itself is disconnecting from the OBS studio, so I need to contact it every time over again... Can someone assist with a recommendation or something that can help my issue?
  14. S

    "OBS Disconnected" or "Disconnected from Server"

    I have been having this problem for a while now and wondering if anyone could help, my stream will be going fine *internet never has issues* and will just randomly drop to 0 bitrate and my stream will disconnect. any idea what could be causing this and or if there is any fix. My log is below if...
  15. A

    Stream Constantly Crashing

    Hello, for the past month or so my stream has been constantly crashing and I can't seem to find the solution. I've tried: Resetting my firewall settings to default Changing my obs server Updating my drivers Lowering my bitrate Lowering the resolution I stream at Running obs as administrator...
  16. J

    Obs disconnect

    I stream on twitch with username Joegabez. And every stream my stream disconnects. I use obs to stream and it happens multiple times during my stream!
  17. C

    OBS drops connection with all USB devices

    I’ve been streaming on for over a year now with no issues like this and have maintained the same setup having connected all USB devices directly through my HP Pavilion Laptop and through a powered USB Hub. The only thing that’s changed is that I’ve moved house and my Elgato HD60S is now...
  18. K

    Discord shut down obs conecction

    Hi, i'm a mod of a streemer and he and some other more are having trubles with de conecction wile they are using discord. even the web ver does someone know what culd it be?
  19. A

    Constantly disconnecting and reconnecting from YouTube

    Hello there. I was in the middle of my stream, but it seemed like I was constantly being disconnected while my internet was working fine and I could reconnect, but kept getting disconnected. I restarted the stream, but changed the auto-reconnect setting to be 1 second to see if that would make...
  20. B

    OBS is disconnecting during transmission.

    My OBS is disconnecting and reconnecting while streaming, and this is random. Sometimes it happens 10-20 minutes after starting the broadcast, but it usually takes 1-3 hours to happen, last week it didn't happen to me. I've tried several things, changing the twitch transmission key, changing the...