RTMP sending errors, making stream disconnect, has been going on for almost a month now.


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So, whenever I stream at no specific point, stream will disconnect for a couple seconds and will go back, however, this has always made me lose a big potion of my viewers and has even made my vod split. I would really appreciate if someone could give me a solution for this problem once and for all, thank you so much in advance to whoever tries to help me. the logs provided are from different dates to corroborate this consistent issue.


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Take a look at your logs... see all of the StreamElements (PoS) errors... those can't be helping, and may be a source of timeout issues (has happened elsewhere).
As a test, try an OBS portable install and do NOT install any plugins (especially not anything from/associated with StreamElements or other known problematic plugins). Try a test stream now. any issues?
- also, notice in your logs the odd Audio mic being 'invalidated' disconnected? I've not seen that before... I'd recommend investigating further on whether this should be of concern

What are you doing for real-time LAN and WAN connection traffic monitoring? don't assume anything.. for example, if you have WiFi you should NOT assume nothing unexpected is using it... unless you are actively monitoring for such. And unexpected IoT traffic (smart TV, streaming players, speakers, etc)