OBS drops connection with all USB devices


New Member
I’ve been streaming on for over a year now with no issues like this and have maintained the same setup having connected all USB devices directly through my HP Pavilion Laptop and through a powered USB Hub. The only thing that’s changed is that I’ve moved house and my Elgato HD60S is now connected through a PS5 instead of my PS4. Everything works fine with all the devices, but now when I open up OBS after a couple of minutes it disconnects with all of them. After about 10 seconds the computer reconnects them, but I have to manually reconnect the Elgato and webcam/facecam. I’m lucky if I get that far though, because it just continuously disconnects them. I have added each device individually to see if just one is causing the problem with no luck. If anyone has any suggestions or recommendations (other then getting an peoper gaming/streaming PC which is on my list of upgrades, when funding allows) I’d appreciate the help to get this working again.