1. J

    Pen Tablet Not Responding to Cintiq 16 Only When Live

    There is no issue with the tablet, app, or PC unless I hit the live button on OBS. Had this issue once before half a year ago, but it mysteriously resolved itself. The issue came back 2 months ago and despite all of the different ways I've systematically attempted to isolate and fix the issue...
  2. FlyingFathead

    OBS Lua WebcamReload: Fix webcam or other USB video device freezes

    -- WebcamReload v1.1 -- A simple Lua script to reload your OBS Studio video source (webcam, other UVC sources...) every x minutes. -- From FlyingFathead ( -- For years, OBS has had a problem where UVC video sources (such as USB webcams) are freezing up...
  3. H

    OBS Camera for IPhone not working (help!)

    Hi, I need help !! I have the newest version of OBS installed on my Macbook and have the OBS camera app for the iphone. I want to use my IPhone camera in obs through a USB and have tried to install the plugin but my laptop won't allow it. I need to be able to use this by the weekend and just...
  4. 8

    How to configure two separate microphone sources with one usb audio interface?

    Hi folks, I have a behringer 404 hd, a podmic (on Channel 1) and a beyerdynamic headset (on Channel 3). How can I configure OBS to use two different micro inputs? System: Manjaro Linux with pipewire PulseAudio (on PipeWire 0.3.56) Server Version: 15.0.0 Default Sample Specification: float32le...
  5. S

    Sidecar disconnect (tethered) when I launch OBS Studio

    Hi all, I think I need some help finding a solution for a tethered sidecar disconnect when launching OBS Studio (27.2.4) My current setup consists of a MBPro 16" with an external screen and a iPad connected to USB. I mirror my laptop screen to the iPad. This works flawlessly, but when I launch...
  6. P

    video capture card (VCC) - problems connecting

    Using a fairly low cost <£10 powered (USB 5V) VCC with loop through. I'm a relative newbie to obs and started by wanting to transfer recordings from my Humax pvr to my laptop. I spent many hours trying various settings on obs and laptop but had great difficulty getting audio with the video. When...
  7. C

    OBS drops connection with all USB devices

    I’ve been streaming on for over a year now with no issues like this and have maintained the same setup having connected all USB devices directly through my HP Pavilion Laptop and through a powered USB Hub. The only thing that’s changed is that I’ve moved house and my Elgato HD60S is now...
  8. A

    2 questions on USB Mircrophone(s)

    Which USB Microphone(s) do you recommend for an interview set up for three people sitting at a table? Is there any limitation with adding more than one USB Microphone on a MacBook Pro 13-inch late 2018? Thanks!
  9. dev47

    DroidCam OBS Camera 2.3.2

    The DroidCam OBS plugin lets you connect your phone and get high quality audio & video directly into OBS Studio, just like a regular camera source. No need for a separate client, less software = more resources for your production! Connect as many devices as you want, using WiFi or USB*. Free...
  10. M

    Will this help me keep Chrome from changing webcam properties?

    I have a Logitech USB webcam. On Zoom and Skype, it's set correctly to just show my face. Today, I joined some sort of browser teleconference platform (in Chrome) and the camera was showing the whole room (much wider than normal). I couldn't figure out how to set it back; I tried a Camera...
  11. I

    Capturecard und Webcam gleichzeitig nutzen ( USB-Port )

    Hallo Leute , Ich habe über USB an meinem Laptop 1x CaptureCard angeschlossen und 1x Webcam ( Ich hatte schon mal das Problem das wenn ich die Capturecard in OBS genutzt habe , dass die Webcam zwar da ist aber ich kein Bild bekomme weil die CaptureCard schon als AUFNAHMEGERÄT verwendet wird ...
  12. J

    Audio problems

    Hi there, I had a problem with the audio this week. We are feeding the audio from a sound system through using a 1/4" cable into a PreSonus Audiobox and USB into a MacBook Air. The audio has worked fine before connected directly into the USB port on the laptop. But this time I had to use a USB...
  13. H

    Choppy audio via USB mic

    Hi all, I've been using OBS for several years and have recently encountered an issue that renders it useless for me. I have no idea which version of OBS this started with since I had taken a break from streaming and just recently updated OBS to the latest version v25.0.8 so I'm not sure what...
  14. P

    Can't get sound with audio interface WIN 10 UM2 USB

    Hi. I cannot input sound to OBS. I use the Behringer UM2 which works in other applications. OBS recognizes it but it just does not ring, or respond on the meter. It used to work fine in Win 7. Thanks.
  15. L

    Question / Help OBS only picks up Desktop Audio

    Hi, I am having an issue with all audio inputs. I use a Roland Duo-Capture EX with a Behringer B2 Pro, this setup is known good as I can record perfectly fine in Cubase. I have been through the Windows troubleshooter to no prevail, I have even plugged a microphone into the 3.5mm jack and that...
  16. C

    Question / Help OBS to Skype setup problems

    New user needing help please. Here's my log of current session... Am trying to set up as follows: Video and Audio via USB into laptop 4 cameras and 2 mics controlled in OBS Studio version 25.0.4 obs-ndi 4.7.1 installed NDI 4 Runtime and NDI Tools...
  17. P

    Question / Help Plugin to use OBS to stream to USB

    Basically I'm trying to stream from OBS, through USB 3.0, into another computer and use it as an input device for OBS. So Computer 1 outputs video data via OBS Computer 2 takes in video data via OBS Any help would be appreciated (If this is the wrong section I'm sorry, but I am on windows)
  18. S

    Question / Help OBS doesnt support the generic USB audio win10 drivers from MS?

    No matter what I do I can not get OBS to pick up on this device. I see it in the mic sources but never get any levels out of it. I tried the whole 'asio daw' solution... big nope also.... Mic works as a std mic source far as I can tell every program I use other then OBS has no problems...
  19. T

    Question / Help Connect Android to Obs WITHOUT VIDEO CAPTURARER?

    How are you? good day A few days ago I bought a cell phone with a USB 3.1 type C input, my question is Can I use OBS if I connect my cell phone with an adapter (NOT VIDEO CAPTURATOR) with HDMI output? I mean, if I use the Obs adapter, will I recognize the signal?
  20. Z

    Question / Help Streaming Audio

    Hello friends! I have a bit of an issue with my audio setup for my stream. I have a sound card and an external capture card. Currently, my gaming laptop is my streaming PC and my AverMedia Live Gamer Extreme capture card pulls video from my graphics card, yadda yadda. What I've been doing...