video capture card (VCC) - problems connecting


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Using a fairly low cost <£10 powered (USB 5V) VCC with loop through.
I'm a relative newbie to obs and started by wanting to transfer recordings from my Humax pvr to my laptop.
I spent many hours trying various settings on obs and laptop but had great difficulty getting audio with the video.
When I managed to get it working on one day. The next day with same settings it would not work.
Eventually as a last desperate effort I changed the power source to the VCC. I had been using the USB socket on the Humax as a convenient 5V 0.5A supply.
I changed this to a 5V 1A power supply and bingo it did the trick. Just needed more power. The VCC did not stipulate what power was needed and it may have been down to the length of USB cable from VCC to my laptop.
Comments welcome.