Can't get sound with audio interface WIN 10 UM2 USB


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Hi. I cannot input sound to OBS. I use the Behringer UM2 which works in other applications. OBS recognizes it but it just does not ring, or respond on the meter. It used to work fine in Win 7. Thanks.


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I'm so disapointed. I tried everything. I think I'll just have to move to other program. I wanted to play the bass and some games in streaming.


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It solved. Windows 10 its weird!!
Go to windows logo, type change system sounds, recording tab and change 44100hz to 48000hz and it started to work!!!
Hope it help!


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panocha; you are a genius! I have been looking for a solution to this with my Audient iD4 interface into OBS Studio (no sound on input) and you are quite right; when I changed it from 44100 to 48000 and then restarted OBS it worked! Thank you so much.

I don't suppose you (or anyone else) ever found out why - did you?


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Hi Guys.
Trust you well.
Im a new user on Obs, im struggling to get sound into Obs, im using Beringer um2.i tried those steps before then i could get signal, for some reason now i cant get signal afterbi installed advased scene switcher
Your assitance is highly appreciated