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I've streamed for around 5 months with the same setup, internet, and settings. Around a month ago, my viewers and I started noticing that my frames would drop in the middle of the stream, for a couple seconds at a time, and then go back to normal. I checked the logs afterwards, and noticed that it was due to insufficient bandwidth or connection issues. (See attached logs, am I missing anything?)
My connection is wired, and I consistently get 300+ Mbps download, and 100+ Mbps upload. I used to stream on 936p with 6000 bitrate, but when this all started I lowered that to 720p with 4000 bitrate. I have a ryzen 5 3600, rx580 (I know, not ideal- but I literally stream minecraft and I've had no problems until now), and 16gb of ram. I also don't know if this is important, but my power usage seems to always be at 'very high' during stream (I have a 500W psu). I have also tried to look at my task manager whilst the frame drops occur, and obs uses about 50% of my cpu, and my gpu sits around 30-40%. I ran a 'twitch bandwidth' test thing, and changed my server accordingly, to no avail. On top of this, I got new internet for both related and unrelated reasons (the up/down speeds are referring to the new internet). I also uninstalled and reinstalled obs.
The logs attached are obviously just one stream out of many that this has been happening on, but it's all the same issue. There are also some dropped frames due to rendering issues, but I blame my GPU on that one- hoping to upgrade soon.
If I'm forgetting to include anything, let me know. Thank you :)


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Dropped frames are ALWAYS a network issue.
The 'fun' part about the internet is that 95% of your connection to any given server is entirely out of your control, and can go from great to awful and back without you changing anything.

You didn't include your Quality scores from TwitchTest; you'll want a server with a Quality of 100 to avoid dropped frames. Anything lower means you've got packet loss, minimum speed stalling, bandwidth fluctuation, or other issues. You'll also want to make sure you run more than the Short test. Some problems are intermittent and are not always present.
But yeah. Dropped frames are a network issue.