Hello Guys,

I realized my youTube streams in AV1 look kinda sketchy, if i am playing games in a night setting.
However, my twitch streams doesnt have the same problems, at least not that strong.

The paradoxical thing is, my twitch streams use the H.264 encoder. No that one from obs, but the multi rtmp plugin ones.
I think it has to be some kind of special encoder, because the quality is way more superior to the stock obs h.264 via quicksync, even in dark scenes in comparison to av1.

You can see it in the pictures. Bright scenes like in Only Up! deliver excellent results with both encoders.
But Dark scenes like in Greyhill Incindent are looking terrible in Stock OBS QuickSync AV1 WQHD @ 20.000kbits, but no that bad with twitch "special rtmp plugin encoder" QuickSync H.264 7750kbps.

BTW: Which encoder setting in multi rtmp is better?
- QuickSync H.264 (obs_qsv11_v2) or
- QuickSync H.264 (obs_qsv11_soft_v2)

I think this is caused because of higher compression in av1, and you dont have that much color in dark scenes, am i right?

So, whats the way to go here?
Should i reduce my bandwidth for YouTube AV1 to 10.000 or 15.000 kbits for better, consistent results?

My internet connection is 100mbits download and 40mbits upload.

I also added a log file and pictures of my settings in obs and the multi rtmp plugin.



  • Greyhill Incident - Twitch 7750kbps.jpg
    Greyhill Incident - Twitch 7750kbps.jpg
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  • Greyhill Incident - YouTube AV1 7750kbps.jpg
    Greyhill Incident - YouTube AV1 7750kbps.jpg
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  • OBS Multi RTMP Plugin Twitch H.264 Settings.jpg
    OBS Multi RTMP Plugin Twitch H.264 Settings.jpg
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  • OBS Quicksync AV1 Settings.jpg
    OBS Quicksync AV1 Settings.jpg
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  • Only Up! - Twitch 7750kbps.jpg
    Only Up! - Twitch 7750kbps.jpg
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  • Only Up! - YouTube AV1 20000kbps.jpg
    Only Up! - YouTube AV1 20000kbps.jpg
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