1. B

    Is it possible to get All-Intra (All-I) capture through OBS?

    Hello, I would like to be able to capture All-I from OBS to match my current workflow from my camera. Would like to use both desktop and gaming from a capture card for this. Mostly doing this for editing purposes as no matter what hardware you have is there timeline degradation when using...
  2. J

    Encoder Video

    Hi, im new in the streaming community, and i watched a lot of video talking about the best encoder or the bitrate for the live, and i followed the instruction, but the live has like a 144p resolution like if i see all the pixels, so i went to look for better settings and i saw that the best...
  3. K

    Budget GPU For Broadcast.

    Hello. I'm looking for some GPU options to keep my current broadcast PC going (which will be referred to as the 'Annoying Sidekick' from here on) until I can afford a new gaming PC and retire my current one (i7-7700k & GTX980 w/ 16GB RAM @ 3000MHz) to Broadcast duties. I'm running 720p60...
  4. I

    Random stuttering, tried everything, good PC specifications, looking ahead to end this diabolic nightmare

    Hello, researching about I realized that this is a very common issue among users. Everyone on YouTube like for example gives you a diferent solution that ranges from the simplest, such as changing the OBS encoder, to the most extreme, such as uninstalling Windows components and/or disabling...
  5. J

    Bad quality with AV1 in dark scenes?

    Hello Guys, I realized my youTube streams in AV1 look kinda sketchy, if i am playing games in a night setting. However, my twitch streams doesnt have the same problems, at least not that strong. The paradoxical thing is, my twitch streams use the H.264 encoder. No that one from obs, but the...
  6. D

    Encoder NVIDIA NVENC H.264 (FFmpeg) is taking too long to encode (timeout: 5 seconds)

    Everything is working fine but then my entire computer locks up for a couple seconds, this error pops up. OBS is the cause of the freeze, doesn't happen when not streaming/recording. Doesn't happen after a set time, seems random. Recording error - An encoding error occurred while recording...
  7. Y

    OBS 29 Missing AMD AMF Encoders for Streaming

    After the release of OBS29, AMF H.264 encoders are not an option anymore. Recording tab has the new AV1 encoders for AMD but streaming tab only has Software x264 encoder. RX 6950XT R7 5800X Up-to-Date AMD drivers (23.3.1) OBS Version 29.0.2 OBS Log File: 17:38:31.678: CPU Name: AMD Ryzen 7...
  8. T

    AMD HW H.264 Encoder Black Screen When Recording

    I have encountered an issue, whenever I record a window, display, or screen using H.264 as the encoder - the recorded video is just a black screen. I can hear audio, but no video. I've searched for a solution, but nothing. Please help, thanks!
  9. FreakyMood

    H.264 is deleted after formatting and installing drivers again.

    Before I formatted my computer, I had an "H.264" video card driver encoder. But now I only have x264 CPU encoder. It didn't fix even though I downloaded all the drivers. Windows 11 Pro 64Bit Latest version of OBS Studio.
  10. B

    encoder amf not working

    my obs not found amd encoder pls help, I have tried everything https://obsproject.com/logs/8bS0GV-zoxpgOwvu
  11. Y

    Question / Help OBS can't detect my GPU on Encoder in Streaming and Recording option

    Hello, I can't find my GPU or even H.264 encoder option on Recording or streaming option using OBS. I did fixed the high graphics obs.exe file in high performance using my nvidia gpu. but still doesnt have that option. I am having problem during facebook live streaming of laggy and choppy...
  12. buZZrar

    Question / Help nvidia encoder missing in x64 version

    hi there! the 64bit version of obs studio is missing the "NVIDIA NVENC H.264" encoder. the 32bit version isn't and works just fine. the screenshot is showing a selectable nvidia encoder with the 64bit version. but this just came with a "advanced transformation" plugin and is not using the gpu at...
  13. D

    Question / Help i9900ks 5GHz or RTX 2080ti for encoding stream

    Hey Guys, my new setup will include a rxt 2080ti and a i9900ks with 5Ghz I heard with the new nvenc method on obs you can easily reach h.264 encoding medium quality my question now is, could I handle a cpu encoding on fast? or should I use the new nvenc because its way less stressful for my...
  14. D

    Question / Help Quicksync settings

    Hi, so I want to record a video in OBS with quicksync encoder. What setting should I use for the maximum quality that I can achieve?
  15. R

    Question / Help NVENC H.264 4:4:4 CQP 0

    With this setting, can I achieve 4:4:4 lossless encoding? What is different Hi444P with CQP 0 and lossless rate control? When I set it as lossless, I found that high quality preset isn't available. so, with H.264 4:4:4 lossless,not H.265, NVENC doesn't support b frames with H.264 4:4:4 lossless...
  16. A

    Question / Help No h.264 video codec option.

    So I redownloaded OBS after I got my new PC, and I noticed there was no h.264 codec. I have the current vc++ dll installed, and I'm running the newest version of OBS on the newest version of Windows 10, and my processor is an Intel Core i5-2520M.
  17. A

    Question / Help Problem with Lost Lines in Recordings with H.264 Codec

    Good morning, I've been recording for years and it's the first time this happens to me, a few weeks ago suddenly out of nowhere recording began to come out vertical lines like lost frames in the recordings ... but only appear in the recordings, while game is not seen on the screen or in the...
  18. Der Fleischmann

    Question / Help Best video format for source playback?

    Hey guys, so is there any video format that is suggested for the smoothest video playback and lowest performance impact as a media source? My guess was, that h.264 should be fine, but I am not sure about the decoding load it puts on the streaming computer, so I asked myself if there is a better...
  19. W

    Question / Help NVENC H.264 Not working

    Hi, I'm having issues with the NVENC. It doesn't seem to work, always ending to the same error; [NVENC encoder: 'streaming_h264'] Failed to open NVENC codec: Generic error in an external library. And this problem only appears, when I use the "GPU" setting above 0. Can someone explain, what...