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Hello, ive been using this forum alot finding answers to alot of my questions, but couldnt to this particular one, two actually.

So i spend alot of time setting microphone, then for some specific reason i went to disable and enable again audio device in obs audio settings, so ive did this and... oh gosh, all my filters from microphone are gone which i been setting all this time. Is there a way to save them/backup so they wont be gone while enable/disable microphone in audio settings?
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Scene Collection > Export

That's really for recovering from deleting or transferring to another device. The best way is to configure the device the way you want in a basic scene or scene collection with nothing game-specific in it, and then Duplicate that scene and rename it, then add the game-specific elements.

Sounds like you deleted rather than disabling (hiding) the source.


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Thank you for answer about how to "save" my settings.

Hum, u enlightened me and it could be the way u say, ive deleted instead of just disabling.