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Hi, I am currently using my android phone as the webcam for my Facebook Streaming. So the OBS Droidcam was installed on the Android, then connected to the Windows OBS through the DroidCam plugin. For some unknown reasons, my live stream audio is choppy and you can clearly hear the breaking points throughout the entire Livestream and recording on the Facebook website/app. However, when I record the streaming using the OBS software during the Livestream, there was no choppiness and the audio was smooth. I have tried a number of OBS settings recommended online, but I found no improvement. My upload and download internet speeds were both over 30 Mbps. My system is an i5-8250U with 8 GB memory. My CPU and memory usage were running at ~50% during the Livestream. Since I do not have an issue while recording, I am wondering if the problem is my OBS settings for FB live. Could you provide me with some insights?
Here are my current settings in OBS 27.2.3 (64 bits).
Output mode: Advanced.
Encoder: x264.
Rescale output: unchecked.
Rate control: CBR.
Bitrate: 4000 Kbps.
Keyframe interval: 2.
CPU usage: medium.
Profile: high.
Audio bitrate: 128.
Audio sample rate: 44.1.
Vidoe base and output resolution: 1280x720.
Common FPS value: 30.


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Few suggestions
1. Try changing the Audio Sample Rate to 48
2. No resolution, then Reduce the bitrate to 3000 or 2500Kbps and test
3. No resolution then change the encoder and try Intel Quick Sync


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Log file please. Restart OBS, do a test stream/recording of about 30 seconds or more, doing as you normally do. Look in Help menu, upload the file and copy the link in here. There's an Analize button too wich leads you to the analizer so you can troubleshoot common issues.

Consider to add 8Gb more of RAM. 8 is too little.
Some audio issues can be solved using CoreAudio AAC encoder. Read the guide before intalling anything.


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Hi, Thank you for your replies. I have tried all the suggested methods, but the problem still remains. Here is my log file. You can see I installed the CoreAudio AAC encoder at 17:15:21.430.


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Still have some issues

Could be that WiFi. Try using a network cable conected the the router/modem directly.