Mac M1 + OBS + Facebook Live


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So, I've been testing OBS with Mac mini M1 streaming on Facebook. Found out the cleanest way to stream with minimal to no issue.

Mac mini m1
16gb ram
2 monitors, 1 through HDMI the other through usb-c converter

Using CalDigit TS3
Also tested the settings without it and it worked, but limited me to 1 screen -,-

Used the 4K Cam link from Elgato, also tested it with the Elgato HD60+ all worked fine.(All settings tested on auto and manual)
Also used overlays and dedicated tracks on sources.
Sources all had: Use hardware decoding when available, Show nothing when playback ends, Close file when inactive and loop all checked.
Had audio sources manually added to each scene.
Used scene import to tother scenes when needed.
Used pro audio x32rack and pro mic AKG 214.

Settings: Output
Apple VT H264 Hardware Encoder
No rescale

Bitrate 3000, 6000 or 9000 Kbps (I know it's crazy, yes all 3 work depending on your internet connection)
Keyframe 2
Profile High
Use B-Frames

Settings: Video
Base: 1080p
Output: 1080p (Yes it works)
Downscale Filter: Lanczos
FPS: 60 (Yes it works)

One key important thing when going live on Facebook. After you click Live and you verify that you are indeed Live on Facebook. You need to CLOSE down the webpage. As weird as that sound, for whatever reason it will but lots of strain on the Hardware encoder(GPU) and will cause you to lose frames.

Although even with those lost frames, my stream was still looking clean with no issues from my end or viewers end. Tested these settings for 2+ hours up to 4 hours and no issues.

Fun fact, if it's raining lower your bitrate and your canvas. For some reason even though I was using a land line it showed connection interrupted... at 3kbps... maybe some magnetic force lol.

Either way I hope this helped anyone struggling to get a great stream going. Any questions feel free to ask.