facebook gaming

  1. B

    Facebook Live keeps connecting and disconnecting that I can't properly live my stream

    Kindly check my logs please
  2. B

    cant go live on facebook

    when i try to use "Go Live with Facebook Streamer Dashboard settings" it wont go live, but if i use Create a new Facebook Live Video post with these settings option stream starts up but i have chat issues and i cant get a test stream going, it like my streaming software dont connect, i get no...
  3. Zolja007

    Mac M1 + OBS + Facebook Live

    So, I've been testing OBS with Mac mini M1 streaming on Facebook. Found out the cleanest way to stream with minimal to no issue. Mac mini m1 16gb ram 512ssd 2 monitors, 1 through HDMI the other through usb-c converter Using CalDigit TS3 Also tested the settings without it and it worked, but...
  4. T

    Keep Disconnecting and Reconnecting from Facebook

    Out of the blue, I keep disconnecting and reconnecting with my Facebook gaming page. I was fine up until Saturday with no issues. I provided my log file below for some guidance. Is this an ISP issue or Facebook issue? I have exhausted all other options in making sure network and router firmware...
  5. M

    Please help me, I’m trying to stream over Facebook and my video quality gets blurry/pixelated when I move. It battle royal game

    Hi everyone, i would like to stream on Facebook. I’ve tried to stream on Facebook and the video quality is blurry when I move or pixelated. I've stable internet connection with the 16mb upload. I used a bitrate of 6000, i almost tried all of the settings, i tried on Facebook that’s the main...
  6. A

    starting twitch stream in obs that already connected to facebook

    hi all, i usually streamed my game using OBS/obs live/streamelements to facebook gaming. but now i have create new profile and new scene for me to stream in twitch. all setting already change to twitch server but the thing is, when I press start streaming, the start streaming to facebook...
  7. A

    Facebook Live Delay Issues and replay quality at 480?

    So this has just started as of last week. My live streams are anywhere from 20 seconds to over 2minutes behind. I know alot of people say delays aren't a big issue but when you are talking to chat it does become one. Before I had maybe a 2 to 5 second delay and I have not changed anything in...
  8. Z


    Yo! I stream on Facebook. Their policy is that if you want to stream on 60 fps, you need to be part of their Level Up Program. I achieved that. But when I went back to OBS, the 60 fps option is still unavailable. Anyone know why this is happening? Anyone know a solution to this?
  9. N

    FB live alerts not showing on main monitor

    I do apologize in advance if my title is confusing. Also, please excuse any errors. English is my second language, I am learning. I seem to have a problem when streaming on FB live. to my understanding, if test alerts are showing through obs studio, I’ve done everything correct. My problem is...
  10. M

    Low End Laptop settings for obs

    Hi, I am using a laptop to stream in facebook gaming but it gets laggy mid way of the stream i have record and stream turn on at the same time. I am using apowermirror to stream mobile games. I need help for the best settings MY LAPTOP SPECS ARE intel i5 4th gen 8gb ram Intel hd graphics 4gb...
  11. M

    Recording/streaming settings for Ryzen 3 3200G 16GB RAM 120GB SSD 60fps

    Would love to record in 60 fps 1080p if possible, if not 720p while keeping 60 fps constantly. I mostly would like to record/stream games such as PUBG LITE, PUBG MOBILE, FIFA 19. What would be the best settings? Thanks in advance
  12. B

    Setting up obs

    Who can help me configure my obs These are the specifications of my computer. CPU: Intel® Core™ Processor i9-9900K 3.60GHZ MEMORY: 32GB (16GBx2) DDR4/3600MHz GeForce® RTX 2060 SUPER™ 8GB GDDR6 And I have a 1GB of internet
  13. Z

    New To OBS

    I'm completely new to OBS... so please ignore my ignorance! Just wanna know how to turn off a stream in Facebook live once it I am done...? Also how to turn off webcam and everything to avoid the dreaded mistake of forgetting to turn off the stream and accidentally picking my nose (not gonna do...
  14. @

    Fix Game streaming more than 1 hour

    I am doing fb game streaming then my streaming suddenly stops when it reaches to 1 hour. Can someone help me pls? New in this streaming world. Thank you.