FB live alerts not showing on main monitor


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I do apologize in advance if my title is confusing. Also, please excuse any errors. English is my second language, I am learning.
I seem to have a problem when streaming on FB live.

to my understanding, if test alerts are showing through obs studio, I’ve done everything correct.

My problem is, while I am streaming/playing it is not showing on the screen I am playing on, and I do not see the alert so I can acknowledge my follower. I can only see it when I review my stream or if I get a chance to look at my second monitor, that’s when it’ll show.
What is the source to this? And how can I go about fixing?
I’ve moved my sources around on obs, making sure it’s not overlapping.
Any insight? And if this is not a obs situation, can anyone kindly point me to the right direction?
Thanks in advanced.