mac m1

  1. B

    Disable Web Security on the Browser Source in OBS 27.2.4?

    With the new update to OBS, there has been some security preference that has "turned on" internally for the Browser Source and it is blocked a script that I have running to pull a line of info form the browser. On Windows, the fix is to add "--disable-web-security" in the Target line on an OBS...
  2. H

    Monterey 12.4 / MEVO Webcam / OBS

    Happy Friday, I recently purchased a MacBook Pro M1 running Monterey 12.4. I downloaded OBS 27.2.4 and connected my MEVO (by Logitech) camera, added it as a Video Capture Device. Unfortunately OBS does not recognize/ see the MEVO camera. I also use an M1 iMac Desktop. running Big Sur 11.6.2...
  3. T

    How to fix lag/stuttering on Mac for streaming games

    Not sure if this works for all macs but this solution worked for me (2021 M1 Pro MacBook). Last week I tried streaming a game (Stardew Valley), and while the game ran perfectly fine for me on my screen, the output from OBS was dropping tons of frames and lagging half a second behind. To fix...
  4. Zolja007

    Mac M1 + OBS + Facebook Live

    So, I've been testing OBS with Mac mini M1 streaming on Facebook. Found out the cleanest way to stream with minimal to no issue. Mac mini m1 16gb ram 512ssd 2 monitors, 1 through HDMI the other through usb-c converter Using CalDigit TS3 Also tested the settings without it and it worked, but...