upload speed

  1. mucks

    Average upload speed, but still dropping a crap ton of bitrate for some odd reason.

    Hello. I know this is getting old but I'm back with the same problem yet again. This time I have no clue what the culprit might be so I'm going to just lay it on here. Okay, so I was streaming like normal a few days ago. Really steady bitrate when streaming; here it is below for y'all to take a...
  2. C

    Struggling with Unstable Upload Speed for OBS Livestreaming on YouTube

    Hey everyone, I'm in a bit of a pickle here and could really use your expertise. I've been trying to live stream on YouTube using OBS, but my upload speed is giving me a hard time. It's been weeks now, and I'm no closer to a solution. My current upload speed is supposed to be 50 Mbit/s, but I...
  3. J

    Best Recording Settings for MacBook Pro M1 Silicon 13 in.

    Hi! I was wondering what would be the best audio and video settings (without lag and good quality) for recording online games such as Roblox on my MacBook Pro M1 Silicon laptop. I want to record in 1080p or 720p more than likely so I can have decent quality. For your information, I did a test...
  4. N

    0 upload speed when streaming?

    Hi, so I found some of those threadsbut none of them fixed my issue. So I have (at least I thought so) pretty good internet connection, I attach some tests I did. Even though everything seems fine - my OBS upload speed dropes to an awful 0 kb/s while trying to stream Red Dead Online, which I...
  5. T

    OBS just starting to have frame drops

    I have used OBS for nearly a year now with no issues at all. The odd frames dips here and there but nothing major. As of recently however I've had massive frame dips lasts upto 3 minutes sometimes. My live status goes red and the upload speed tanks it will rectify itself but this has become a...

    20+ upload speed/900+ download 3500 bitrate still dropping frames and freezing

    I've been having this issue for awhile now and i can not for the life of me figure it out. Ive tried running obs studios recommended setting and i still drop frames and freeze. Ive dropped my bitrate from 6k down to 3k and my stream still look choppy. Ive talked to guys running the same graphics...
  7. A

    Settings for YouTube videos

    Hello, I want to record the screen and my voice to upload it on YouTube and I want the best settings for obs , that the file size is not huge. I want to record an hour and the file size is 1giga , for example. I do not want the quality to be wow but acceptable
  8. PartyNator

    OBS Frames Being Skipped

    Apparently my frames are being skipped no matter what bitrate I choose. My upload speed is normally between 6-12 mbps and I use 1400 kbs for the bitrate.
  9. R

    Question / Help My transmission fluctuates, the upload drops to 0

    My transmission fluctuates, the upload drops to 0, and my internet is perfectly good. Remembering that this happens most of the time when I change scenes. And when that happens, she doesn't come back with everything, she just keeps the rate low.
  10. L

    Question / Help Weired Upload behavior

    I'm having Problems with streaming to Twitch. Everytime i stream my Upload is fine for a while, and at some Point it Just Drops to 0 for aproximately 10 Seconds. When the Upload is Back it jumps Back to the Upload Speed it's supposed to have. The weired Thing about this is that im not getting...
  11. M

    Question / Help Steam games killing my upload speed

    Hi team, I have this issue when I stream Steam games (PUBG, Smite) that seems to cap or kill my upload rate. Not sure if you have encountered this same issue, but here attached is my log file. Thanks.
  12. O

    Question / Help upload twice as much as set

    I tried everything but I don't understand why. is anyone aware of this error? until a week ago the upload did not double sorry for my poor english thank you so much https://obsproject.com/logs/aEosmQbwUJIvD8qQ
  13. Draiic

    Question / Help Bouncing Upload then 0 kb/s

    Hello. I've got an issue and I'm afraid it might be my computer. This post is to help me know that it's definitely not OBS. This issue started a long time ago, the last few years at least, and I've tried searching Google for any similar issues but I can't seem to find anyone else having it. I...
  14. H

    Question / Help Bitrate always drops when streaming but upload speed is stable

    Hey, i'm having a weird issue here and i really hope you guys can help me solve it. I live in Tunisia (north africa) and i stream on twitch (Europe: France, Paris), the problem is whenever i stream, the bitrate just drops out of nowhere, i've only streamed around 10 times so far and i've had low...