Question / Help Bouncing Upload then 0 kb/s


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Hello. I've got an issue and I'm afraid it might be my computer. This post is to help me know that it's definitely not OBS. This issue started a long time ago, the last few years at least, and I've tried searching Google for any similar issues but I can't seem to find anyone else having it.

I start my stream and for the first hour to 2 hours, I'm good. Upload is just fine. But shortly after that, I start "upload bouncing" where my upload seems to drop to yellow and orange then back to green. It continues for 30 seconds or so then drops into the red (mostly 0 kb/s) and bounces back to green or yellow and then it drops to zero and stays there.

I'm confident my settings are good for my specs and Internet (despite it being Comcast).

I expect to be asked: Are you sure it's not your ISP?
A: Well, my parents game online and my siblings are constantly on devices and games, too, and they never complain about this type of issue during their own use. On top of this, my mom streams on Twitch between 1 and 3 hours a few times a week off a mediocre laptop for her D&D crafts. She has never had this issue either, which makes me believe it's my PC (hardware or OBS settings?).



Thank you in advance for any help and assistance I can get on this. It's plagued me for too long now...