1. NickA

    Dropped frames. Whats wrong with PC?

    I've narrowed the issues down to the PC, but I'm not sure what part of it or what needs to be fixed/ replaced. Streaming off my laptop with the same ethernet has 0 dropped frames. So something is wrong with this desktop. Recently built this with all new parts
  2. I

    OBS dropping frames every 10-20 seconds on an EXTREMELY high-end PC

    Greetings, As mentioned in the title I built a very strong PC to be able to handle 2k recordings while also gaming (on max settings) My current specs are: - Ryzen 9 5950x - 64 Gigs of 3000 mhz RAM - RTX 3090 - Samsung 980 Pro SSD 1TB (1 to run windows, 1 to run the games) - 4TB HDD for...
  3. hazzer

    Recording has a few dropped frames

    Hey, I am experiencing problems with recording. Whilst recording in game everything is smooth and fine, but watching back through the recorded footage there are a few dropped frames. Not a lot, but still noticeable whilst watching the footage. I made a log and I'll link it down below. Is there...
  4. N

    Been Using OBS sense 2018

    Hello, I have been streaming on OBS for a very long time with the same settings I try streaming this pass Friday and it keeps giving me a red bar. Like the frames are dropping so bad. Which makes no sense I been streaming with these settings for years. I check my internet connections, I check my...
  5. T

    Frame rate problem on recording (frames are missing)

    Hi, I record my video lessons with OBS. I only record, no stream. My GH5 camera is plugged to my Mac with Elgato Camlink 4K and I also record my laptop screen. I set 25fps. But on my recordings, some frames are doubled so I don't have 25 frames but like 15 or 20. Generally, at the beginning...
  6. J

    Duplicates frames in recording / streams

    I have been heavily troubled by having duplicated frames in my recording / streams causing stutters on stream. No encoding or rendering lag reported or dropped frames by twitch I have extremely powerful pc 12900k + 3080ti, i have my games fps locked and never close to maxing out system. Using...
  7. P

    Massive frame drops ''Real help needed.'' Here's my latest Log file ^ . Dont know if that helps looking for the problem. I have been streaming for months now.. and it always worked fine , some minor drops now and then but easily fixed. Since Juli 1st all ive been experiencing is massive...
  8. Giercownik__

    Weird issue regarding Dropped Frames because of "internet"

    Hey, to start it off I am fairly new to streaming, and lately I've been having this issue where I would just stream, and from time to time my stream's upload speed drops (I can see it coming down from the 6000kbps to 2200kbps on the bottom left of my Streamlabs OBS I don't know what it's called)...
  9. spessoni

    OBS Lua RTC Timecode Generator v1.01

    OBS RTC Timecode Generator for Text Sources Generate timecode (HH:MM:SS:FF) for a text source based on the computers RTC (Real-Time Clock) Tips: Synchronize your computer's clock with an internet time server. Enable "Update when not in program" only if needed. Otherwise, keep it disabled to...
  10. S

    Will A custom (DIY) RTMP server fix dropped frames/network lag while streaming to Twitch?

    Hi. I finally got around to building a second PC meant for using OBS to streaming on Twitch, but now I am facing internet issues with dropped frames and bitrate decreasing and increasing rapidly. I personally think our router could be doing too much due to all the devices we have connected, but...
  11. C

    Dropped Frames While Recording GTA

    I have been having a bit more trouble lately recording GTA V on PC than i used to. I noticed this when i was recording one of my last videos on it, the first couple of videos i recorded the dropped frames weren't that bad, but my final one the dropped frames was around 40%. So today right as i...
  12. C

    Question / Help Misplaced frames

    I'm recording in 240fps and when my ingame framerate drops it misplaces some frames a few frames forward so that the only way to slow it down without looking messed up for me is to replace them manually. Is there a way to make it skip frames instead of misplacing...
  13. B

    Question / Help Getting very laggy playback

    Heylo, So I am trying to record Minecraft with OBS and sometimes it can get extremely laggy, not all the time, but sometimes. Sometimes I have had it when 99.8% of the frames have been drawn (I saw this from the log). I am using a 2017 Macbook Pro, and I don't think it should be too strenuous...
  14. S

    Question / Help Getting dropped frames on Twitch, but nothing on Youtube

    Today, I've dropped like 9k frames in 2 hour stream. I've been streaming on youtube, but switched to twitch, because I wanted to see will there be any difference in quality at the same settings, and there was much better quality on twitch. But, then again I dropped over 9k frames. I started with...
  15. A

    Question / Help Struggling to stream decent quality.

    Hope everyone is having a good day or evening. I'm mainly having two issues with my current setup which I've tried to solve but to no solution. - Stream will look great with no movement but however, in games like rocket league mainly, the stream will become pix-elated as the movement picks up...
  16. R

    Question / Help In-Game 100 or More FPS / Stream Seems like 10 Fps.

    Hello Im a Streamer Called Ronin And I have Some Problems with my Stream: I usually stream League Of Legends and i dont have problems with that. But sometimes when there are new games like CONTROL, Blair Witch, Apex Legends i Have Like 100 FPS Ingame (including RTX ON in CONTROL game). I...
  17. P

    Question / Help High FPS in games, stuttering image in OBS if not focused

    Hi, I have a new computer and unfortunately problems with streaming. With my old computer and Windows 7 I never had such problems. While games run at 60-80fps on average, the OBS preview and the image in the stream stutter. When I focus OBS the preview runs smoothly like the game. I know that...
  18. E

    Question / Help Losing FPS during a transition

    I don't know if it's a configuration problem, of my PC, or of OBS, but every time I make a scene transition, the streaming FPS goes down to 20 or 30fps. (Not always, but after having showed some videos). The transition I'm currently using is in .webm format, weighs about 8MB. CFG: - Intel i7...
  19. Draiic

    Question / Help Bouncing Upload then 0 kb/s

    Hello. I've got an issue and I'm afraid it might be my computer. This post is to help me know that it's definitely not OBS. This issue started a long time ago, the last few years at least, and I've tried searching Google for any similar issues but I can't seem to find anyone else having it. I...
  20. S

    Question / Help My stream Freezes when switching scenes

    Ive used Obs for years never had any problems this is the first. I only pinned point it to one situation when this happens but it seems to happen when i switch scenes the whole stream would freeze on the last frame. Obs still says im streaming but twitch says im offline