Will A custom (DIY) RTMP server fix dropped frames/network lag while streaming to Twitch?


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Hi. I finally got around to building a second PC meant for using OBS to streaming on Twitch, but now I am facing internet issues with dropped frames and bitrate decreasing and increasing rapidly. I personally think our router could be doing too much due to all the devices we have connected, but I am not too sure (we even have Spectrum Internet's HIGHEST internet plan, but it doesn't help anything I guess). Anyways, as the title asks, will a DIY RTMP server fix this issue at least somewhat? I only heard about this today, but am interested if it will. If what I asked will not work, what can I try to fix these dropped frames? I feel like I have tried everything "basic" that has been suggested but I am willing to try/retry anything. I just want to be able to stream at least at 900p with everything I have!

Any help will be greatly appreciated as I spent so much money on this second PC hoping it would do the job! Thanks!

Here are some recent Log Files:
- (I tested with Auto-Config Wizard in this log, I have tried without as well. No difference.)
- (Binding to IP in this one, I don't know why but I guess it doesn't matter?)


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No, such a server won't help.
Thanks, good to know. Anything you can recommend for a user with 2 PCs using 50ft ethernet cables in each (+1 more 50ft ethernet cable going to a PC in another room and other devices using Wi-Fi) who is getting dropped frames?


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You know, do you not think that people go through that post? I'm sure there are loads of newbies who have seen that and haven't fixed their issue using that. If you really want to help others, maybe try linking your own stuff or at least let us newbies know that you don't have an answer or suggestion to help. Other that nearly useless link for my situation, thanks for the reply at least.


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Considering the number of people who completely ignore the first paragraph and assume that we've got something hidden away that is going to magically solve the problem, I actually do think that people don't go through the post as completely as they should.

If a user is having dropped frames when streaming, and they've actually followed the guide, then the problem is COMPLETELY outside of their control.

With internet connection issues, all it takes is two guys in backhoes digging in specific spots at the same time to ruin connectivity for an entire region of a country, and there's nothing the end user can do to fix it.

Dropped frame issues have the same level of control sometimes.


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If you really want to help others, maybe try linking your own stuff or at least let us newbies know that you don't have an answer or suggestion to help.
There is no "own stuff" with secret info on how to magically make any network issues go away. The linked guide is really all there is to know and to do from a technical point of view. Honestly. That guide is very good. It doesn't overflow of detailed information nobody will read, yet it still contains all there is to do in simple understandable steps.

Unfortunately, some people don't trust that guide and don't understand what it says or recommends. On many levels, people wave issues away and declare it not their issue, although it is their issue. For example they ignore inspecting their firewall and security software, or they don't change servers, or they don't call their provider. Or they just refuse to tune down their resolution/fps/bitrate and ignore the fact their line is too thin. They declare inconvenient steps as done and ask for more easy solutions where there is no convenient solution.

And many people are not able to understand some network issues are outside their control as Harold said. The internet backbone is not the same for all people. Some providers do connect their customers with a very fast line. The line between your house and the provider. But the provider itself may have bad connectivity to some parts of the world outside. This is something nobody tells, because this is something that cannot happen in theory, but actually it does happen.