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    Will A custom (DIY) RTMP server fix dropped frames/network lag while streaming to Twitch?

    Hi. I finally got around to building a second PC meant for using OBS to streaming on Twitch, but now I am facing internet issues with dropped frames and bitrate decreasing and increasing rapidly. I personally think our router could be doing too much due to all the devices we have connected, but...
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    nvidia's official guide for turing leads to enconding overloads recording @ CQP level 15

    Following this Official Nvidia guide for RTX(turing enc) on obs newer than v23 recording using those specific settings as per their screenshots leads to 10% skipped frames and overloads encoder expected behavior : zero frames skipped, smooth recording @ CQ level 15 (very nice looking footage)...
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    Dropped Frames While Recording GTA

    I have been having a bit more trouble lately recording GTA V on PC than i used to. I noticed this when i was recording one of my last videos on it, the first couple of videos i recorded the dropped frames weren't that bad, but my final one the dropped frames was around 40%. So today right as i...
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    Question / Help Getting dropped frames on Twitch, but nothing on Youtube

    Today, I've dropped like 9k frames in 2 hour stream. I've been streaming on youtube, but switched to twitch, because I wanted to see will there be any difference in quality at the same settings, and there was much better quality on twitch. But, then again I dropped over 9k frames. I started with...
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    Question / Help Bitrate issues and dropped frames.

    Here's my log file : https://obsproject.com/logs/lpMLr2cCmJwe2Ozv When I run speedtest results, I get between 3.5 - 4mbit/sec, thus my OBS settings are Encoder : x264 Rate Control : CBR Bitrate : 2000 Server : (Highest Bandwidth and Least ping according to twitch server tests) Issue : My...
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    Question / Help Can anyone tell me why OBS keeps Disconnecting?

    I just got a new PC built a few days ago and every day streaming since I've encountered random connection to twitch drops. This is thelog file from the latest drop since, any help is appreciated! https://obsproject.com/logs/T69VGX7NyxtsXBZ1
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    Question / Help 20-70% dropped frames during stream, tried every solution I could think of, just recently started doing this.

    Hello, as the title suggests I have a large amounts of dropped frames. I haven't attempted to stream in months but now I came back and it is doing this to me. I am running a prostar laptop with a gtx 1080 with an i7 8700k with 32gb 2400mhz ram, using ethernet and my speedtest speeds are running...
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    Question / Help New OBS User Help/Dropped Frames

    Hello, I am new to OBS and Twitch streaming and have recently been trying to stream some of my game play of different games such as CSGO and Fortnite. The stream starts off fine as I monitor the stream on my phone and everything seems to be running smoothly in the in game lobby. The game starts...