Question / Help 20-70% dropped frames during stream, tried every solution I could think of, just recently started doing this.


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Hello, as the title suggests I have a large amounts of dropped frames. I haven't attempted to stream in months but now I came back and it is doing this to me.

I am running a prostar laptop with a gtx 1080 with an i7 8700k with 32gb 2400mhz ram, using ethernet and my speedtest speeds are running at 300mbps download and 15mbps upload. I am using an asus RT-AC1900P router, as well as running Windows 10. Before I was able to stream 1080p 60fps no problem. Running native 1440p 144hz
I should also mention I do not believe it is OBS Studio as I tried all the recommended streaming services on Twitch as well as the old OBS.

Solutions I attempted to fix this problem -

Running obs as admin
Updating version
Rolling back version to what I had it at a few months ago
Using other streaming platforms
Using different streaming server
Lowering stream settings
Allowing all possible exceptions for OBS in Windows firewall
Manually opening RTMP port 1935 as suggested in another post I found in my router
Setting static IP
Updating ethernet drivers
Uninstalling or disabling special network programs that came with my computer.
Reinstall OBS
Using the second ethernet port on my computer
Using a second PC I have and trying to stream on there
Updating router firmware
A few more I can't remember

I do believe it's a router problem but I also looked at every possible setting on my interface and I just can't seem to find a solution.

Any help or something stupid I looked over would be wonderful. Thank you.


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