1. kallemback


    Estou trabalhando em uma interface simplificada baseada na web para um repositorio de graficos descentralizado onde todos poderiam postar seus graficos gratuitamente ou ser remunerado por isso integrei um comando simples para tornar o texto editavel e fiz as animaçoes em um programa...
  2. F

    Custom Effect 1.0.0

    Custom Effect - This lightweight plugin you allow of create your own filters for OBS. Installation - Extract archive - Copy obs-studio folder in your "C:\Program Files" for Windows Usage - Create your own file ".effect - Open OBS-Studio - Right-click on a Video Source and select "Filters" - In...
  3. JohnKnightRider

    Question / Help Custom CSS for Browser Source doesn't work !

    Hi guys ! I've been trying to overwrite some CSS code in the custom CSS field but I'm having issues. Basically I'm trying to align items from an event list to the right on some scenes : and to the left on some others : The thing is that I managed to find the code that can do that, so when I...
  4. shaolin

    OBS Transition Matrix v1.0

    Expands the basic custom transition support to a scene to scene basis.