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A Twitch chat viewer tool

A long time ago in the space of the last decade there was an OBS Classic plugin that captured Twitch chat which seemed simple and unique. Since then that plugin was lost in the transitioning of files from place to place. After some thought and observation it seemed it might be kind of useful to have a piece of software that mirrored the effect.

The premise is simple so there is not much to explain. To accomplish the same effect in OBS, for instance, it would take a bit of finesse. This seeks to simplify it with a few options and effects.

In effect this is kind of a summary of the basics. The control options and layout make capturing it easy. Also, there are a few ways to customize it beyond just text controls.

Here are a few schematics to display the functions.



Settings and container preview.


This project is in alpha and will see changes in the future. Planned are implementing a matte effect into the chat column with the sides left to the media space, a more customizable color selection for the text, glow, and shadow effects, and attending to the necessary edge-blur attenuation.

Please suggest features if you would like to see them included.

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